1. Doktoberfest

    Fix Miku

    Fix miku her hitbox is a stick and she moves faster than a scout, also her ''disabled double jump'' doesn't apply when she holds a cleaver
  2. Percilius

    Declined FF2 Boss Suggestion: Duck Nigga

  3. DanishSoup

    Is the Spyro Dispenser glitch considered an exploit?

    In FF2 NY, Spyro has a glitch where he can get infinite ammo on his revolver when he disguises as any red class and gets ammo off an enemy Engineer's dispenser. All bosses in FF2 cannot pickup any ammo packs yet Spyro can get extra ammo. Of course in vanilla TF2 this is a feature for the Spy but...
  4. herp 105.4

    Approved Fix Urban

    I'm just gonna say in advance that this might not be the right area to put it, but I don't know where so I'm putting it here. Recently, the map Urban Works had an update with new lighting, new areas and new props. Now, no one likes it. The new lighting causes a lot of my frames to drop below 30...
  5. Pansmith

    Approved (VSH/FF2) Weapon Balancing

    Assume that weapon stats are empty unless stated otherwise. Numbers beside a Weapon is the weapon’s ID Numbers besides an attribute is the attribute’s ID, if it has to done via server mods, then it is marked as so. Feedback is appreciated. Razorback (57) +Blocks one hit +gives jar of ants...
  6. Percilius

    Declined Remove Killbox and 2Tower from the map list.

    Killbox and 2Tower are 2 really bad maps on the FF2/VSH map rotation. 2Tower For Starters the map is really big. There are 3 portals near each spawn which take them to 3 completely different rooms. There is a really exploitable spot on the map, regarding the elevators near each spawn...
  7. Percilius

    Approved FF2 Boss Suggestion - Corrupted Hentai Woody

    Found the boss on allied modders. I feel like he'll be a unique new boss for the server. Abilities Super Jump (Let Go Under 100 Percent) Teleport (Hold Until 100 Percent) RAGE Gains Uber Overlays Peoples Screens Stun (+ Sentry Stun) Crits Life Loss Teleports TO a Random Player Passive Fog...
  8. dope

    Approved NEW! Adding "Tails" To the hale list on Skial FF2 NY

    Since the last hale I got added, I immediately started working with Bagel to push this one out. Health Formula: 600 Per Person 1200 if one person only Rage: Gives "tails" the weapon "Pretty Boys Pocket Pistol" That has 9 rounds and does 50 dmg per shot. Abilities: He has the base jumper, p...
  9. Percilius

    Approved Add a John Cena boss in the FF2 server?

    Fairly simple and balanced boss that I think can be added to the server. Stats: Class: Soldier HP: ((760+n)*n)^1.04 ( n= number of players ) Rage: Stun + Uber Here are the files if the boss is decided to be added: https://mega.nz/#F!iWYy2J6a!Ui_7D45Qc8VeB8xIrsg4Xw Thanks Devil
  10. Meebas

    Approved Revert vsh_abandoned_warehouse_v2 to its previous build?

    vsh_abandoned_warehouse_v2 ► vsh_abandoned_warehouse_a3 @g . I know there's no easy way to tell someone that their hard work did more harm than good, but this honestly is really the case. For the first couple days this updated version of the map came out, there were missing textures and props...
  11. dope

    Approved Adding "Pepsi Man" To the boss list on FF2

    Intro: Recently, on FF2 a lot of people have been wanting a new boss. So I decided to brainstorm and I came up with "Pepsi Man" from the game "Pepsi Man" Developed by KID, Released for the PS1, and came out in march 4th 1999. I think this could be a very possible boss idea, Judging by how his...
  12. Percilius

    Need Help Make Pootis Bird crouch on losing a life

    It has come to my attention that when pootis bird teleports to a player after loosing a life, he gets stuck if the said player is in a spot where he can only crouch. Pootis Bird becomes unable to move even from people shooting or using rage or pressing r until they lose another life which can be...
  13. Percilius

    New FF2 Changes Megathread

    In this thread I wanted to discuss the various problems for each boss and the ways I think they can be resolved. I talked with a few people who regular the server often and they agreed with me on these changes. 1. Dark Vader - Change his name to Darth Vader - Remove the uber on his rage and...
  14. dope

    Need Help Change Skial FF2 model hitboxes.

    Over the course of 2 years of my time playing on Skial FF2 I have noticed that some of the hit boxes are very broken. A perfect example of this issue would be Hatsune miku, and Mario. These two models in particular don't fit their actual hitboxes. Mario; Mario's model is way too big for his hit...
  15. Whip_Cactus

    Declined [FF2] Remove vsh_2fortdesk and re-add vsh_snowglobe

    Title basically says it all, snowglobe used to be in rotation and was a fun map to play, despite small size. From all the regulars I've talked to, 2fortdesk is a widly disliked map, due to size, small corridors, and general gameplay. Both maps are small in size, but snowglobe has far more...
  16. dope

    Getting Hatsune Miku removed on FF2

    On FF2 many people are complaining about how Miku is "op" or "unfun to fight against" So i'm trying to get her removed. The first reason she should be removed - Her lack of health doesn't nearly compensate for her speed, multiple rages, her super jump, and her weight down. Second reason she...
  17. Percilius

    Bazaar Bargain in FF2

    Just wondering why it's disabled
  18. Percilius

    Declined Remove The Baby Face Blaster from VSH/FF2

    It's just too OP. Just look at it's stats for ff2.
  19. Percilius

    Approved A Few More Nerfs In Freak Fortress

    I'm making this thread because there are still a few more bosses that are still very OP. Spyro: One hit from his knife deals 300+ damage, that can insta kill a heavy. So I suggest reduce his damage down to 200. Radigan Connagher: The boss is perfectly fine except for his rage which stuns...
  20. Sharky!

    LF a modeler

    I'm currently very slowly working on a Bottiger ff2 boss. I have the main frame of the boss ready, all I need are voicelines and a penguin model. If anyone can 3D model this penguin: It would be very appreciated, and if it's good enough I'll probably be able to work out some form of payment...