1. herp 105.4

    Declined Bring back turret testing in ff2 ny

    Talked to people and they want the map back, so.
  2. M

    Literally no admins on FF2 NY servers

    hey guys, monky here, had to deal with 2 kids saying n word and micspamming today, within the span of an hour. Not to mention the months before where people would get on, spam racism, sexism, etc and be all around annoying. give soos or milomustard admin theyre on alot, just someone really...
  3. Doktoberfest

    Approved [FF2] About Duck's Model

    sooo ducks model was showin up as an error for everyone so i deleted the files and saw that nothing was downloading for people who didn't have the model so.. i went in and fixed up the config and this should fix it. File: http://www.mediafire.com/file/qdh2tqdqw654aqk/duck.cfg/file
  4. Doktoberfest

    Approved [FF2] Final Duck Update

    So after play testing duck more the thermal thruster could only be used twice, and minions still spawned without melee's so i revamped/changed a lot of stuff about duck The duck model had an overhaul, and a lot of new cosmetics were added to it I added a teleport to duck, so he can get to...
  5. Doktoberfest

    Approved [FF2] Re-Worked Duck

    So duck was kind of playable but his double jump was broken and minions were a mix of gabe and duck so i fixed the minion problem and i re-worked duck. as far as changes go: Gave him a thermal thruster with HUGE knockback resistance and a higher jump height so he can get places, but his speed...
  6. Doktoberfest

    Approved [FF2] Add Duck

    Quack. Duck can fly through the air (has a double jump) and has a very high jump height. His rage spawns minions with around 50-55 hp with low damage cabers, and very high movement speed. He also has an additive stun to it. Ducks movement speed is on the slower side even being slower than...
  7. Doktoberfest

    Approved Bring Back Crossbow Crits

    I don't know if its a glitch but Crossbow Crits is gone. It's been in FF2 and Stock Saxton Hale for years so please bring it back, it is literally the one of the few calling cards medic has to defend/fight the hale.
  8. Percilius

    Approved Changes to One Punch Man

    This change is basically bringing him back to how he was actually meant to be. Brought back his parachute and fixed his no knockback rage. Link to config - https://www.mediafire.com/file/1099fu1l1bizqg9/onepunch.cfg/file
  9. Percilius

    Approved Remove These Bosses

    Bob the Builder: Main problem with him is his model. Whenever he holds the PDA, his model basically turns into a skateboard and it's pretty much impossible dealing damage against him unless you're a soldier. Cirno: The boss is stupidly fast. She swings pretty fast as well along with the fact...
  10. Doktoberfest

    Need Supporters [FF2] Re-Add Sonic?

    As far as balancing goes i changed a few things Now holds a bat so people can see where they swing rage now has a small stun when people are close to sonic Added a double jump Slowed his swing rate so people can hold M1 raised his damage from 30 - 40 other than that nothing else has changed...
  11. Doktoberfest

    Declined [Redone] Changes for Shrek

    Ok everything should be in their proper folder, and I should've cleaned up the configs.. same changes as last time, slowed shreks rage, and added some new voicelines.. if i did anything wrong just say it im up all night File: http://www.mediafire.com/file/ylhzo5ky29c9u7g/shrek.rar/file
  12. Doktoberfest

    Declined [FF2] Changes to Shrek?

    not changing his stats but a few things changed 1: Rage Nerf - Shrek does NOT need to get rage as fast as he does as he is already mobile enough to kill a whole team without rage alone 2: Some voiceline changes - This was just something I added, i basicly gave him more voicelines and swapped...
  13. Doktoberfest

    Approved [FF2] Nerfed Deon

    due to popular demand i nerfed him.. His pills do no damage when they roll on the floor, and i reduced the damage of his stickies a little more Deon: http://www.mediafire.com/file/ajdg6kxxt457av4/deon.cfg/file
  14. Doktoberfest

    Approved Damage fix for Sonic + Deon

    What was supposed to be 85% turned into 15% this should fix it Deon: http://www.mediafire.com/file/ra0804qeulap6k2/deon.cfg/file Sonic: http://www.mediafire.com/file/hxc0gci6zae13kq/sonic.cfg/file
  15. Doktoberfest

    Approved Sonic + Deon quick fix

    Simply put: Sonic's sounds were mixed up so i re-made the config, and Deon's jump boost worked in reverse Sonic: https://www.mediafire.com/file/5417kgiz7eaoab6/sonic.cfg/file Deon: http://www.mediafire.com/file/b5ikhcmvdxdhz72/deon.cfg/file
  16. Doktoberfest

    Approved Final Update for Sonic + Deon

    This is for real all i forgot was to add a "0" behind the negative so it would stop giving health instead of dealing little damage, also i adjusted sonic's rage time so his uber isn't monstrously long, and i gave deon a jump boost since him sticky jumping is dead at this point.. Sonic...
  17. Doktoberfest

    Approved Fixed Sonic + Deon

    Ok after play testing both i made both of them do so little damage they actually heal >_> so quick fix for both Sonic: http://www.mediafire.com/file/pvy7m83l29289b6/sonic.cfg/file Deon: http://www.mediafire.com/file/28oebm9tii6ful6/deon.cfg/file
  18. Doktoberfest

    Declined Fixed Sonic real quick

    Sonics slow mo on live loss lasted too long so i had to fix that really quick it works properly now and should only be 3 seconds File: http://www.mediafire.com/file/adp4g83po9k6bn9/sonic.cfg/file
  19. Doktoberfest

    Approved This Should Fix Deon for good

    OK after looking at deons stats in-game i understood what i did wrong i missed a freakin "-" symbol so he wouldn't reduce his damage.. this should fix him File: https://www.mediafire.com/file/beu64bmazwda5us/deon.cfg/file
  20. DanishSoup

    Server breaking bug found in FF2

    A bug has been found in FF2 that crashes the server when something is preformed. That something requires the boss "Genji" and his reflect power-up. If the boss uses his rage then drops the reflect power-up then picks it up again; he can have it forever but if he gives the reflect to another...