The bosses rage is to over power and should remove and also super jumps are way to over powered. Its also a bad teacher for new players who want to be better.

    ff2/vsh buff the beggers bazooka?

    Beggers bazooka needs faster reload time when you market garden and get away. Also needs more ammo because the beggers bazooka eats it up way to fast on some maps.
  3. Meebas

    Approved Fix small issues with bosses in FF2

    Known issues: Demopan can charge infinitely without consuming rage; I believe this is a bug. If not, it needs to be nerfed. 2%-4% rage consumption should be reasonable. (up to 20 charges at full) Spyro can completely fill revolver ammo at dispensers, after using rage (avoiding only having 3...
  4. l8r b8r

    Declined Pyro Flare Gun Change in FF2

    So for a very long time in FF2, the Pyro class was able to have massive flare jumps. However, the blast damage propels you super high and because of this the fall damage is pretty significant. So, i'm asking if we could add a new stat or something on the flare gun to reduce fall damage by 15%...
  5. Percilius

    Suggestion For Changes In Freak Fortress 2

    Hello guys, over the past 2 days me and some of the server regulars have been thinking of making this suggestion so here it is. - Firstly, there is a problem with neo's rage. It's probably broken because he can't rage in a round without pyros airblasting him. So I believe changing the amount of...
  6. bonkboy273

    [VSH] 2 Suggestions for Soldier's melee weapons.

    I was thinking of recombining the Equalizer and Escape Plan into one weapon. So that the weapon would be a little bit more popular, only a handful of people use the Escape Plan and the Equalizer is nearly non existent. Along with that, I was hoping if we could make it so that Disciplinary...
  7. chairius✿

    Already Done Please update FF2

    Honestly, probably everyone who plays FF2 on a general basis who also plays Saxton Hale will ALL agree, the RED team has more abilities on the Saxton Hale server (ex: Sniper's ability to climb walls), and we will all agree it needs to be updated. Please do so Skial
  8. TheGroovyHoovy

    Buff Neo

    Neo is one of the Least played bosses on FF2 , mainly because his rage takes so long to charge , the only way to get it is by pyros airblasting you. I think it would be a good idea to change his rage (Valve Time) I think these would fit neo well : On rage : +40% movement speed for Neo +low grav...