1. Doktoberfest

    Approved [FF2] The one sonic change

    Spindash CD raised from 5 -> 20 Yea thats it im not changing anything else https://www.mediafire.com/file/hxc0gci6zae13kq/sonic.cfg/file
  2. theoatsman

    New Sonic Nerf (FF2)

    Sonic gets triple jump, one shot engie buildings, runs faster than scout, one shots light classes, his super sonic one shots everyone except high overheal targets and kgb heavy, and his lunge uses 10% rage and has a 5 second if even cooldown... and while it only does around 50 damage its...
  3. Meebas

    Approved (add) VSH Pencil Ravine

    I've made a map for VSH/FF2. It is made up of many many pencils, and offers interesting, colorful terrain which I think makes for a fun map. More images are available on the download page (: Flythrough Preview: Map Download: https://gamebanana.com/mods/417624
  4. herp 105.4

    New [vsh/ff2] readd urban

    stop shafting ff2 please and thank you cheese
  5. untouched ass cheaks

    Declined (ff2) Add Gm_construct map

    It would be cool but at the same time, wouldn't feel like a good suggestion plus nests, the chance of some random soldier or Demoman or wrangler engineer would be at the tallest place that would be impossible for the hale to get up there.
  6. DanishSoup

    Approved [FF2] Boss and weapon changes 10-28-22

    Boss Changes: Plutia - Somewhat fixed proportions on her HDD form. Explosion damage changed from 150 -> 177. Chad Doge - Model re-rigged. Textured upscaled. Folders renamed to chad_doge rather than buff_doge. Trollface - Model re-rigged. Trollface's face now has fullbright for dark maps. New...
  7. Percilius

    Approved FF2 Balance Changes

    Hello, I come to you with some balance changes to some weapons and some bosses. Weapon Changes: -> SMG now has minicrits instead of crits. The SMG still retains its 20% damage bonus. -> Removing the crits off the pistol. Since giving the weapons mini crits caused the sentry to have them...
  8. DanishSoup

    Approved Multi boss changes. Buffs + Fixes + Rework

    Boss Buffs: Plutia's Defense and Offense rage changed from 75 to 40 for better combos but increased their cooldown to 20 seconds Plutia's Exploding rage no longer has a beginning of round cooldown because its already too harsh to reach 100% rage with 7k rage damage. Reduced cooldown after usage...
  9. Maple Syrup

    Approved [FF2] TFCSoldier Update

    //Version 1.3.6 Update// Changelog - Version 1.3.6 --------------------------- The following changes have been made to his menu abilities. <Menu> *Amount of Currency gained per tick has been doubled. *Global Cooldown for all selections in the menu has been reduced from 1.5 - 1 second. *Jarate...
  10. Doktoberfest

    Approved [FF2] Sonic and Globama Rework

    hello! its me again! i felt productive today so i decided to revamp my old bosses after a couple months of just putting them off so here are the changes Sonic: Health was raised slightly Damage increased from 101 --> 127 (now he can one tap scouts lol) Swing speed was reduced to a more...
  11. DanishSoup

    Approved [FF2] Replace Nepgear with Plutia

    DL: https://www.mediafire.com/file/xtj3f3pgjyzt1p2/Plutia_Skial.zip/file Alliedmodders page: https://forums.alliedmods.net/showthread.php?t=333602 I thought it would've been fun to have another Neptunia boss but I felt like when I was making the boss it was somewhat similar to Nepgear. I...
  12. Percilius

    Approved FF2 Boss Suggestion: Painis Cupcake

    Hello. Today, I'm suggesting arguably the most popular freak in the FF2 world, Painis Cupcake. This boss was suggested in threads previously and although the threads have been approved he was never added. Since I got rid of Ass Pancakes who is pretty much a very similar boss to Painis, I think...
  13. God of Why

    State Of Freak Fortress 2 Thread

    Post Whatever You Like On The Current State Of The Server Here.
  14. DanishSoup

    Approved [FF2] Boss + Weapon changes

    Boss changes: DK - Removed movespeed limit, made starting speed 330 hu/s, increased cannonball shoot distance. DK's rage for the most part has been fine from the last change but I felt like DK needed a bit more to him as hes still quite a difficult boss to win as due to his drawbacks. Handsome...
  15. Percilius

    Approved FF2 Boss Removals

    Hello. I decided to check out how many times a boss was being played while I was on over the course of 3 days. Ending up checking for a total of 160 rounds or about 12 hours and made sure to check only when there were at least 10 people in the red team. I'm suggesting this mainly in the sense...
  16. Doktoberfest

    Approved [FF2] Yet another Sonic Nerf

    I lost a bet and talking Ben told me to nerf sonic so here we are again changes are: Did something funny to his swing speed Damage nerfed by 1% Did something absolutely hilarious to his boost health raised by 1 point? download: https://www.mediafire.com/file/hxc0gci6zae13kq/sonic.cfg/file...
  17. DanishSoup

    State of Freak Fortress 2 form poll

    Link to poll This is a link to a google form that wants your thoughts an opinions on the current meta of FF2. This is mainly for FF2 players who've played in Feburary of this year and onwards. I'm gathering information to see what needs changes and what are peoples thoughts and opinions on...
  18. Maple Syrup

    New [FF2] Gaben Reworked

    This is my rework of Gaben for Skial. I aimed to improve his flaws and make him a fun boss to play as and fight against. His rage alone is a pain to work with due to how unbalanced it is. Also being unfun but I hope that these changes will fix him. Credit to DanishSoup for helping me test him...
  19. Maple Syrup

    Approved [FF2] TFC Soldier Update

    Took some time to get this update done. //Version 1.3.5 Update// Changelog - Version 1.3.5 ------------------------------ Ability cooldowns have been adjusted. *Global cooldown has been reduced from 3 sec - 1.5 sec. *Demo Shield -Cooldown is now 65 sec instead of 80. *Supportive...
  20. herp 105.4

    Declined readd turret testing again (again) (and space too)

    a bargain has been struck a deal made https://www.mediafire.com/file/co3kbqvro7xzmb7/vsh_turret_testing_b2.bsp/file https://www.mediafire.com/file/idwg6x9hhrtw8ti/vsh_spaaaaace_v1_fix_s3.bsp/file