1. DanishSoup

    New Boss Changes: Mario, Demopan, Abe

    After taking a break from ff2 for a week because of my brother returning from the navy, i decided to work on some changes that i didn't finish. Mario: Now has an aura to display his uber. People who played long enough wouldn't care much for this fix but having a better way to show...
  2. Maple Syrup

    Approved TFCSoldier + minor updates

    *Update 8/15/2021* Edited some errors in Config. Added Change for Pig. Updated TFCSoldier. This is a changelog for both hales. Slight update for OPM as well. //Version 1.3.4 TFCSoldier Update// Changelog - Version 1.3.4 --------------------------- The following boss stats have been adjusted...
  3. DanishSoup

    Approved [FF2] Donkey Kong + Demopan buffs

    Currently DK and Demopan are quite hard to win as. I think these 2 needed their buffs more than any other boss. So here it goes. Donkey Kong: Donkey Kong is slow and his rage is underwhelming. These buffs are made to somewhat combat these issues. Buffed his speed from 290 hu/s at a max of 360...
  4. XxxPr1CklYP3n1SxxX

    Declined Red Miku (old model)

    Is what the title says, There used to be a glitch where the Miku model was occasionally red instead of the usual blue wich got patched out when her model was changed. This is a thread to bring that glitch back as a lot of people i spoke to on the server would really like to see that again so im...
  5. Maple Syrup

    Approved [FF2]OPM Changes

    Hopefully this is the last OPM changes I have to do. Some minor changes to both TFC and OPM. //Minor OPM Update// Changelog -------------- *Rage dmg was brought back to 6500k. <Increase was to much.> *Hp formula is now 480 again. <Decrease was to much.> *Rage speed has been decreased to 400...
  6. Maple Syrup

    Approved [FF2] TFCSoldier Update+Fixes

    I wanted to get this update out quick for both OPM and TFCSoldier. This should fix some bugs found with OPM. //Version 1.3.3 TFCSoldier Update// Changelog - Version 1.3.3 ----------------------------- Ability cooldowns have been adjusted. *Rocket Launcher -Price has been increased from 35000...
  7. Maple Syrup

    Approved [FF2] TFCSoldier/OPM Minor Update

    This update fixes somethings with opm and gives one minor change to TFCSoldier. //Minor Changes// Changelog - OPM/TFCSoldier --------------------------------- TFCSoldier *Superjump Cooldown has been increased to 5.5 sec from 3 sec. One Punch Man *Rage dmg has been increased from 6000 - 6300...
  8. Maple Syrup

    Approved [FF2] Darth Fix

    //Minor Update// This is a slight fix to vaders abilities as I noticed some mistakes that I made with his config. Changelog -------------- *Force Stasis Sentry stun distance is now a distance of 750 like it was originally. *Minion rage now summons 3 players instead of 2. Was supposed to be 2...
  9. DanishSoup

    Approved [FF2] The final Abe major update

    I finally done the work to get Abe a new model and a few tiny things with him. This will be my final major update as I wont add anymore sounds or abilities unless it is needed then I will make small adjustments. But right now i want to move on from Abe and finish up some unfinished bosses i've...
  10. Maple Syrup

    Approved [FF2] TFCSoldier Update

    Version 1.3.2 This update is mainly to fix Rocket Launcher and bgm. *Currency gained overtime has been lowered to 5 per menu tick. Rocket Launcher *Dmg to buildings has been lowered. Max dmg is now 214. *Cooldown has been lowered to 80 sec. Ignition *Cooldown has been lowered to 65 sec...
  11. Maple Syrup

    Approved [FF2] TFCSoldier Fix

    When testing him out today I noticed a slight issue that I forgot to fix. This update is mainly fixing the Rocket Launchers dmg and some problems with him. TFCSoldier Version 1.3.1 *Max speed has been increased from 295 to 325. He was to slow before. Weapon stats: *Damage penalty is now only...
  12. DanishSoup

    Approved [FF2] Many boss hitbox fixes and some boss tweaks

    Hello all, currently theres a bit of a problem with FF2 that dated back many years of this gamemode. As you may know, boss hitboxes do matter in the game but some boss hitboxes are very bad. Some dont even have a head hitbox for headshots. This is due to the model having automatic hitboxes which...
  13. Maple Syrup

    Approved [FF2] One Punch Man Rework

    I decided to finally finish my rework on one punch man. Started on this way before Vader but took a break as I could not think of any ideas. Finally after weeks of brainstorming I came up with an idea. Big thanks to Skial server for there views on this hale and Ccrumbs who helped me finish...
  14. C

    Declined My map, vsh_gateway_b10

    Was working on my first vsh map, and i completed it a while back. Didn't really doing anything with it until now. so i'm going to be submitting it here. It's uploaded to Gamebanana, here. (Or is also attached.) https://gamebanana.com/mods/299244 Appreciated.
  15. DanishSoup

    Approved [FF2] Bug fixes for Abe

    Fixed a few bugs that I found out in his config. Apparently he was permanently at scout speeds and I had to tweak both the minigun/sniper slow down and the weighdown. DL: https://www.mediafire.com/file/olcu6prjolrdadv/addons.zip/file
  16. Maple Syrup

    Approved [FF2]Vader and Pig fix

    Darth Vader changes *A minor change for Vader is to add 30 Force Push due to how weird the plugin can be when it comes to the knockback. It would launch them based on where you are looking as well, so if you were not aiming at the upper part of the body it would have a lower chance of knocking...
  17. DanishSoup

    Approved [FF2] Cave buff and Abe updates

    Cave Cave buff is simple, rage damage from 6000 to 4750. I felt like i made caves rage damage too high. Now i made it so that its a bit higher than his old rage damage from before the rework. Abe I've been working a lot to fix Abe's problems this week. I noticed on the server that barely anyone...
  18. DanishSoup

    Approved [FF2] Cave Johnson new model + rework

    Hello all, I've decided to work and polish on the Cave Johnson model that was previously suggested. I've also reworked him in the process so here's what i have to show: MODEL UPDATE: Previously, the new model suggested was very bloaty. The textures were an insane resolution. This has been...
  19. RodGzM

    Declined [VSH/FF] Add vsh_gyros to the map rotation

    https://gamebanana.com/mods/74031 Absolutely stunning map with good balancing and variety.
  20. Maple Syrup

    Approved [FF2] Darth Vader rework

    I always hated seeing how much Dark vader was missing, so I tweaked him a bit and changed up his rage. I believe this should be very true to his origin and give him what he was always missing. Dark Vader changes Stats Health formula: (((750+n)*n)^1.04) Speed: 340 Rage dmg: 5000 Description He...