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Spectacularly Lethal Soldier
A bug has been found in FF2 that crashes the server when something is preformed. That something requires the boss "Genji" and his reflect power-up. If the boss uses his rage then drops the reflect power-up then picks it up again; he can have it forever but if he gives the reflect to another enemy player then gets another reflect power-up then things start to break. When the non-boss player hits the boss (Genji) with the ball of a Sandman (it could be just damage but i'm not sure) it causes the server to "lose connection" meaning it crashed. I do have photo and a demo for evidence and I have a suggestion for fixing this. The boss Genji shouldn't get a reflect power-up for his rage. The boss already has a double jump, is somewhat fast, has weigh down, has wall climb, can dash, and for his rage he gets 3 cleavers and a quick-fix no knock-back effect. The least that can happen for a nerf is for his reflect to go away and for the bug to not happen again. But this is my opinion for a fix and other people might offer a better solution. Demo: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1RiBXTGyo82eFjft14HaXIHps8zkm7oJq/view?usp=sharing (Tick: 102500)