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Hello there, me and doktoberfest made changes to a few bosses and have fixed a few problems with the bosses and implemented suggestions a few regulars gave.
Many people called doom overpowered and one of the most powerful bosses on the server. So here's the changes:
->Increased the cooldown rate for how often his powerups show up.
->Increased his jump cooldown by a small bit.
->Gave him some more sound.
Ass Pancakes:
->Fixed the problem in which he had a massive hit range.
One Punch Man:
Many people called him severely underpowered and he's one of the least played bosses in the server so here's his changes:
->Shortly reduced the damage he took to rage.
->Increased his rage duration by a bit.
Pootis Bird:
->Fixed the problem in which he had an infinite super jump with no cooldown or downsides whatsoever.
Radigan Conagher:
->Increased the damage he takes to rage by quite a bit.
->Increased the cooldown for his jump by a small bit.

Link to the boss changes: