New [FF2] Sonic Re-Work

Discussion in 'Suggestions' started by Doktoberfest, Oct 14, 2020.

  1. Doktoberfest

    Doktoberfest Uncharitable Spy

    so i went back to the drawing board on this one and basicly re-did the whole entire freakin boss
    • Speed Reduced to 460 --> 325 (basicly shrek speed)
    • Boost Button Added: basicly when you press r u gain a speedboost and minicrits but it rapidly drains your rage, and i mean FAST
    • Super Sonic Style: Instead of uber he gets the ability to fly, knockback resist, minicrits, and hes immune to all damage, however this speed is shared with the reds as they also get a speed boost and the conch buff.
    • Shield: basicly a shield.. u get small resists to damage besides melee not much to say there
    • health was raised from 400 --> 550 due to him being a bit rage centric (to do the math he'd have around 16,565 with 20 people on)
    • his damage was reduced from 130 --> 65 but he now swings as fast as a scout
    • i'm sure most of u will be glad on this last one but he has no more lives.. which means the slow down crap when he loses a life? yea thats gone so shush about that
    and thats basicly it for the rework
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  2. Stove™

    Stove™ Truly Feared Pyro

    Still waiting for people to find some reason to complain about it.

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  3. BattleBuddy1847

    BattleBuddy1847 Scarcely Lethal Noob

  4. Spacey

    Spacey Scarcely Lethal Noob

  5. DanishSoup

    DanishSoup Uncharitable Spy

  6. Drezki

    Drezki Uncharitable Spy Contributor

    Solid rework for a boss.
  7. herp 105.4

    herp 105.4 Spectacularly Lethal Soldier

  8. Drezki

    Drezki Uncharitable Spy Contributor

    Can this be accepted already? This update is what the cool kids consider pogchamp.
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