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Truly Feared Pyro
Hello all! I thought I would make something a little fun for FF2. So I created this tier list with an explanation on why those bosses are there. I wanted to create this months sooner but i'm a lazy poopity scoop. This isn't something that's 100% accurate because its just my thoughts which do change within time but you can share your own. This tier list includes all bosses as of yet, all 20. Here's a link to the template if you wanna make a tier list of your own: Tier List

This is too long. Ignore if you hate reading

Press button to win tier: Bosses that are too easy to win as

Gaben - His rage is just E to wipe out the team. Although it is simple to avoid his rage, it still manages to kill a lot of players that are unprepared. On his own, hes not really much of a threat due to his meh high jump and slow speed.

Demopan - His change only cost -1 rage and he can still charge with 0 rage making him charge at red spawn in under 5 seconds. He can charge forever having the fastest run out of any boss. And his rage blocks everyone's screen regardless of range.

Vader - I was gonna put him on high good but his flare kinda makes him a button to win. Vader can one hit kill anything that isn't overhealed/ubered/etc, His rage gives him uber, stun, chain lightning, and a flare. The most important part is his flare which can instant kill a soldier within a huge radius (like about the map size of pool in multimaps). Hes on the lower side of the tier due to his lower health and hidden ability on his flare.

High good tier: Bosses that do need some skill to win as

Doom guy - He almost had a tier of his own but I just put him in high good. Doom can do 602 damage on start which can kill any class without uber except an overhealed heavy and has a pretty good high jump. His power ups consist of the super shotgun, rocket launcher, berserk, and invulnerability. Bersek acts like a mini one punch man as he can punch through anything like shields, uber, and bonk. Hes not in "Press button to win" because Doom requires a knowledgeable player to win. His only con is that pyros can just airblast him with barely any downside.

Ass pancakes - Its all because of his range and uber stun rage. His range is longer than any boss (idk like 3x eyelander range) and has uber stun on his rage. For some reason when there's at least 20 or so players on the server, he can rage on every backstab which makes him a hard to kill freak.

Predator - Predator is a spy boss which on backstab, kill any red unless they're ubered. His ability to go invisible is why hes high. He can easily take out engineers just by going invisible. Although his rage is questionable, its somewhat an anti-scout attack. He can also hunt down invisible spies so the dr is almost useless against him.

Radigan - Radigan becomes good once he rages. His gun has a good amount of ammo (35) which is capable of doing 200+ damage at close range. Revving his gun up doesn't slow him down at all which makes him good at targeting soldiers and scouts. His con is that he takes more damage while he has his minigun out.

Cave Johnson - His buff made him much better from okay tier to high good tier. He now has a melee and his grenade launcher does decent damage although he now has limited ammo but gets a huge amount when there's more reds. He respawns every dead red which makes travel difficult as a minion can kill you at anytime (they can also random crit). His con is that he need to kill reds before his rage becomes more effective.

Mid tier: Bosses that require a bit more elbow grease to win as

Shrek - Shrek is the only boss that can use instant weighdown which is busted for catching enemies trying to run away or juke you out. Shrek becomes more faster the less hp he has and is capable of out running scouts.

Donkey Kong - DK is also like Shrek where he becomes faster the less hp he has. But his rage not only stuns reds, but blocks their screen even after the stun ends making escaping the boss much more of a pain. He also has a pan which does permanent irl ear damage.

Mario - His rage gives him a flare, uber, and stun. His flare can be shot again to do crit damage to those that are on fire which not only does more base damage, it does x3 damage. But he does require good aim for the flares to connect. (Secret effect) His model is so fat that its hard for snipers to get a hit off him haha.

Bill - Bill is quite a normal boss. Regular speed and jump. His shotgun is why hes good. Its a great anti-scout, shield remover, uber popper, and can keep soldiers at low health to prevent rocket jumping. His con is that hes too basic and that his fire does not work after jungle inferno.

Solid Snake - Snake is a spy boss which on backstab, kill any red unless they're ubered. On rage he gets a gun, uber, and can disguise as any random class. His disguise can fool sentries and he cant take any knockback during the disguise. His gun does okay damage but its better than nothing.

Handsome Jack - Jack no longer one hit kill heavies and DR spies on less than 50% hp which was something huge for him. Despite that, his arsenal and cloak are quite good rages. The most effective weapons on arsenal are the sniper rifle and rocket launcher. His cloak, although nerfed where he now gets partially invisible when he attacks is a good counter for engis and unsuspecting reds.

Saitama (OPM) - His whole gimmick is that he one punches everything no matter what at anytime. Good for taking out annoying DR spies and uber chains. He also can slow fall to gain huge speed for a few moments. But he has a few cons such as much lower health, takes much more knockback, and only knockback resistance and sentry stun on rage.

Okay tier: Bosses that are hard to win as

Clown Sans - I would've put him at least low Mid tier but high Okay tier it is. But the problem with clown sans is his low health. He does have the ability to teleport, uber on rage, fast swing speed, and one hit reds that aren't heavies or have shields but things like his low health, no stun on rage, and bad matchups against jumping classes do bring him down a bit.

Nepgear/Purple sister - Nepgear only has 3 main things that make her good. Her HDD form which makes her attack faster, Her sniper rifle which is a good anti-scout and can headshot reds, and her cheer which can give her minicrits. Other than that, she can get her ass kicked pretty bad when there's too many players on the server due to how she doesn't have much of a good crowd control attack (I mean her HDD form is ok for crowd control but it drains rage by a bunch).

Hatsune Miku - This is the new Miku with a new model and stuff. But one of her abilities, thriller is broken which makes crowd control hell. She's really fast on start and has some eh melee damage where things like demos without any hp boosting stats can survive a hit. Her leaks (cleavers) are the only good way of taking out scouts and annoying classes. They also regenerate slowly with time but its easier to just rage again.

Eh tier: Bosses that cant win through casual means

Thomas the Train - A boss that cant use melee but has to use charge to kill reds. This boss becomes helpless once his charge ends and a good spy or demoknight can make easy work of Thomas. He cant jump when hes charging and hes slower than a crouching heavy when hes not. The only good things about him is that he takes less ranged damage, has no knockback at all, he can teleport, and his rage acts like a free moving charge where he can move in any direction and can jump during it. Thomas is only really good when there's less than 10 players since he can pick out them all one by one.

Sucks ass tier: Impossible to win as due to how bad they are

The rock - Sadly, the worst boss. I don't think he'd survive in VSH either. Rock is just too slow like a heavy but he hits hard. That's it. His jump sucks too and his rage is ok with instant killing reds by touch, a slight speed boost, and taking no knockback. Hes just too slow for his rage to be effective even with that tiny boost. Most of the time he'll lose because he can't catch up to any class. The only effective strat for him is to either cap or pretend to afk only to rage and kill those who are near.
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