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Both these bosses are badly made.
Clown Sans - For starters he's untextured for everyone, he has a really good hit speed and his rage provides him invincibility, no knockback, an even faster swing speed and it lasts for around 10 seconds. He also does a lot of damage per hit, enough to kill a heavy with his massive bleed damage. He makes an ear rape sound whenever he dies as well.
Thomas The Tank Engine - His music plays regardless of whether people turn it off or not, his rage is an ear rape rendition of his theme. His hitbox is around 3 times smaller than his model making it very tricky to hit him. His attacks on charges are very dodgy and don't hit most of the time and hit when it shouldn't. And on certain maps his teleport can cause him to clip outside of the map.


Somewhat Threatening Sniper
+1 to both.
Thomas seems unfun to play as. Spies attach to Thomas' back like ticks. I've never seen anyone win as Thomas despite any amount of effort.
Sans is a mess and I can never tell when he's invulnerable or not.

Meebas said:
while we're add it let's bring back goomba :)
As someone who would benefit immensely from having goomba brought back, getting a goomba is WAY too easy.