New Some more VSH/FF2 maps

Discussion in 'Suggestions' started by Pansmith, Jan 13, 2020.

  1. Pansmith

    Pansmith Truly Feared Pyro Contributor Master Mapper


    What more needs to be said about these two?

    Vsh_ Industrial

    Suggested by Ijikaru, it has a mixture of indoor and outdoor areas. Has good spots for everyone.

    Bumping this map from the previous thread as a replacement for hakurei shrine. As well as fixing bugs found in the original, it would give some map diversity, as we have no (year-round) winter maps.


    A cleaned-up version of ratssaxy with textures, props and such.


    (Fifth most viewed vsh map on gamebanana!) A coastal map with a lighthouse.
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  2. 「Coronarena」

    「Coronarena」 Somewhat Threatening Sniper

    I'm all for Hakurei Shrine and Arakawa so +1 to those. Rest of them I'll remain neutral.
  3. Stove™

    Stove™ Sufficiently Lethal Scout

    +1 for Mountain Bash definitely. I miss that map. I'm honestly neutral on Turret Testing now.
    Once again, if Hakurei Winter can replace the current Hakurei that we have in the servers, that'd be neat. I find the winter version more aesthetically pleasing anyway.
    Ratssaxxy looks pretty interesting, as does Arakawa.

    Some more good map selections from you, good sir.
  4. soos

    soos Sufficiently Lethal Scout

    +1 (Still Hate Turret Testing)

    I wanna play Mountain Bash again and some new maps
  5. Saoirse

    Saoirse Mildly Menacing Medic

  6. Racadel

    Racadel Somewhat Threatening Sniper

  7. Neo-izan

    Neo-izan Somewhat Threatening Sniper

    +1 I love all of them
  8. True Darkian

    True Darkian Spectacularly Lethal Soldier


    For Arakawa, it looks great!
  9. DanishSoup

    DanishSoup Somewhat Threatening Sniper

    +1 all the maps are looking hella fresh
  10. Droplet

    Droplet Totally Ordinary Human

    +1 for turret testing and mountain bash
  11. smallboybotty

    smallboybotty Unremarkable User

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