1. Aandy Herr

    Hours when FF/VSH isn't filled with 12 year olds?

    Anyone got a idea when the VSH/FF gamemode servers aren't filled with children who complain and vote-abuse or non stop grief because they don't understand how to play? Asking for a friend. Seriously tho, Why does FF/VSH get filled up with clowns who stalk your profile and grief you because you...
  2. Nikolai The Conqueror

    New Regarding bunnies current state

    Look in this past month or so bunny has just been overpowered and any “balancing” only half fixes the previous problem and introduces a swarm of new ones. Bunny is constantly being pushed more and more into becoming this god of a hale due to him apparently having a low WR overall. However anyone...
  3. Skep

    New For god's sake let us jump during a rage

    Should i even explain? How many times have people indirectly died because of the map. Example: Skyhigh resort -You get raged but you were in the way of the trains, you die because you can't jump out of it. Do i need to go on?
  4. Skep

    Declined Revert vsh_reworked_egyptyspot_b2c to vsh_egyptyspot__skial_final

    How long was it? 7-8 months since Egypty has been reworked? MOST of the EU community that I know says that Egypty is now worse because of the rework and that they want it back, I don't know what the US and NY or any other server will say to this threat but, I'm saying that it should be reverted...
  5. annaberu

    Declined (VSH TF2) Remove airblast effects on Vag Uber

    I don't even know if this is possible but might worth the shot. It's not even to prevent oblivious pyros since I've seen actual pyro griefers exploiting this in the past.
  6. annaberu

    Declined (VSH TF2) Vag and EB Balances

    Recently I've noticed a handful of players complaining about the state of Vagineer and Easter Bunny in general (with me being one of them), due to the fact that both are really broken and all. So, I've proposed some changes that could be considered in order to make both bosses fun to fight...
  7. mintoyatsu

    Approved [VSH] update vsh_mariokart to v5

    https://gamebanana.com/mods/74082 vsh_mariokart_v5 - Added more places to build inside the piss room - Sentries and Dispensers can now be built inside the vents - The vent room has more places to build and now has window exits - Ammo packs on top of the billboards for Snipers - Snipers now walk...
  8. Gamer4605

    Declined Seasonal Dr/Ze/Vsh maps?

    There are many maps based around a particular holiday, I can see it being a server filler to have maps exclusive to a certain holiday, the example that comes to mind is ze Halloween house which was removed ages ago, making it a seasonal exclusive might make people want to play it more as it...
  9. smurfking

    Declined VSH Headless Horseman Rework

    As all VSH players know HHH is one of the more outstanding hales with him not having superjump but a on wall jump and teleport. this makes him one of the more refreshing hales to play but in my opinion his TP is extremely boring and rather useless. 1/5 times you'll get telefragged. My suggestion...
  10. ThCanadianMoose

    Declined VSH SUPER JUMP

    Super Jumps (Saxton Hale, Easter Bunny, Vagineer, and Gentlespy) Super jumps are just sucking the life out of VSH. It’s nearly getting impossible to even win matches as hale and it’s becoming more Red Sided than the Hale’s sides. Imo, the changes isn’t balanced at all. It was more better when...
  11. ThCanadianMoose


    Super Jumps (Saxton Hale, Easter Bunny, Vagineer, and Gentlespy) Super jumps are just sucking the life out of VSH. It’s nearly getting impossible to even win matches as hale and it’s becoming more Red Sided than the Hale’s sides. Imo, the changes isn’t balanced at all. It was more better when...
  12. RodGzM

    Declined [VSH/FF] Add vsh_gyros to the map rotation

    https://gamebanana.com/mods/74031 Absolutely stunning map with good balancing and variety.
  13. rickenn

    Declined Pomson 6000 Buff Suggestion

    For VSH Since the pompson is really hard to aim, I think it would be nice to get a buff. Also, this gun is never used, since usually engies run rescue ranger. I mean, you're sacrificing a lot of your options as an engie to not use it. Pomson gets a slowdown that helps their teammates which can...
  14. DanishSoup

    Approved Update to VSH_Cinema_fix_21_1

    New cinema version CHANGES: Ropes redesigned and now their collision is reduced The sand area has been redesigned. Fixed the geometry, easy exit on the water, no glass, taller walls All teleporters have func_nobuild but the tape room will allow you to build only a dispenser on the teleport...
  15. DanishSoup

    Approved Update VSH_Cinema to VSH_Cinema_fixed_21

    Hello all, I've been working a version of cinema that removes some of the bias to the map and making it less claustrophobic too. Changes: Removed the buttons. The door is now forever open. The buttons were tedious and boring. Blocking off half the map every time the round ends. Removed the...
  16. Zeke Aileron

    Approved [VSH US/EU] [FF2? maybe] Add vsh_jealo to the map rotation?

    https://gamebanana.com/maps/199395 The Map is really nice and well done, it's supposed to have a similar feeling to Militaryarea/zone, but has more variety in how it looks and how it functions. This could be a map that can see alot of play rate similar to militaryarea, foreststation...
  17. D

    Declined Please Add VSH_HoneyhiveGalaxy_a1

    I want to see how it plays Can't post links because new account, it's on gamebanana
  18. McMamerton

    VSH changelog?

    Where can I see the recent changes of VSH? Can't seem to find the most recent ones, only an update made last year.
  19. Skep

    New Remove the cloud on vsh_mariokart

    I've seen things man...7 engies trying to stack 7 sentries on the cloud, it was nerfed because pyros we're camping on it, so i suggest we nerf it again, i mean seriously, its very campable by engineers, heavies, heavies and engineers
  20. MrLupin

    Declined [VSH] Nerf or Remove the Mantreads from VSH

    Let me get this started by saying that I think Soldier's Meta in VSH is fine for now, but I believe that one secondary is very overpowered if used by good Trolldiers. That is the Mantreads. Problem: Mantreads are like a side-grade for Gunboats, you can get more mobility in the air when Rocket...