1. Gamer4605

    Loadout megathread

    Zuko told me to make this so yeah here you go Post your Skial loadouts here.
  2. annaberu

    Declined (VSH TF2) Vag and EB Balances

    Recently I've noticed a handful of players complaining about the state of Vagineer and Easter Bunny in general (with me being one of them), due to the fact that both are really broken and all. So, I've proposed some changes that could be considered in order to make both bosses fun to fight...
  3. Rornir

    Slight Change of Credits given during Credit Party

    I think an additional Nine (9) points would bring a lot more love to the credit parties we so enjoy. It would bring the total to 69 credits per drop. 👍
  4. mcg

    Declined TF2 Idle Server suggestions

    Just some quick suggestions for Bottiger's Idle Trade. Something to prevent your class playtime stats from being affected while AFK. Add something like AFK Manager (but it doesn't kick you or turn you into a bot), and make it so that when you're marked as AFK, you change classes. !friendly...
  5. theonlythingthat

    My Apoligy too Skial

    I did not know that my post would spark up this much controversy, I simply saw something I thought was wrong and jumped the gun without even thinking really, I should have read the rules and understood that the no friendly rule has been in place for reason, I should have reported the pyro for...
  6. ▲★ Fwc_Blade ★▲

    Can’t join Skial 2fort and Harvest servers

    No matter what I do, every time I join a Skial™️ 2fort or Harvest server, It just gets stuck on “sending client info” Does anyone know how to fix this?
  7. MrLupin

    Declined [VSH] Nerf or Remove the Mantreads from VSH

    Let me get this started by saying that I think Soldier's Meta in VSH is fine for now, but I believe that one secondary is very overpowered if used by good Trolldiers. That is the Mantreads. Problem: Mantreads are like a side-grade for Gunboats, you can get more mobility in the air when Rocket...
  8. Wind The Fool

    Declined [DR] Remove Cream Tea's maps

    Yeah it's kinda a stretch but if you've noticed we've had several problems with their works. Evidence (Note these bugs are not affected by the DR/VSH plugin from what I know): Ancient Memes -You can trimp to hale side. For one version the staff were forced to fix it due to it being...
  9. Fabi

    Contract sound

    Please remove the contract sound its too loud. :ragesad:
  10. SpaceWaffle

    Declined Add normal tf2 maps to VSH

    I've been thinking about this one for a while, and I saw on youtube that in the old versions of vsh there we're official tf2 maps in the que, If the weren't taken down for copyright reasons (doubt valve would care tbh) but I would LOVE to see them back, and yes... Bottinger I am looking at...
  11. herp 105.4

    mic spam

    i get its bad on trade servers but i know some admins are fine with it and others dont like for instance music is fine but sound bites arent? just need clarification on all of this
  12. Wind The Fool

    Declined [DR] Remove dr_ancient_memes_a2

    So after a few rounds of playing the map, compared to other options, I do not believe we should have this map in rotation. It was intentionally bad and plays on this fact. I despise it immensely even if it was the first time this map was chosen. Compared to Bazinga this map is still shit. While...
  13. Doodle nugget


    There happens to be a surf_rainbow_v4... maybe we could get that up and running, new jail, more secrets, I think the casuals would enjoy this one more. Also remove x10 from rotation nobody enjoys playing on that map thanks!
  14. Metroidz


    Friendlies bad? Friendlies bad? Friendlies bad? Friendlies bad? Friendlies bad? Friendlies bad? Post about friendlies #1,8374,502.
  15. DrC00KIEZ

    Whats the problem with friendlies?

    I just wanted to post a quick thread on the topic I'm discussing "The hell is the big deal with being a friendly?" I did recently just get banned a couple minutes ago and I was like "The hell happened?", if an admin could reply and give me a quick explanation would be great.
  16. Ibo

    Approved [Surf] Add surf_revolution_5cp

    This map is decently new and has an interesting concept to it. It is revolution, but it is 5 separate arenas that consist of points. It's your average 5cp game, but with surfing. I have taken a decent look at it and I think this would be the most experimental (and strange) map yet, but would be...
  17. Yalta

    Approved [Surf] surf_flux_arena_b3

    This is a combat surf map with a bonus surf. It has an interesting design and is pretty fun to play on. It has a giant powerup at the end of the bonus to reward players for getting better at surf. Pls Bottiger
  18. Ibo

    Declined [Surf] Add Surf_Overcast

    Overcast Surf Overcast is an old map that I think would have a good place in Skial. Overcast has many secrets that can be accessed through tricks, and it has a jail that can be exited through parkour. Surfs Overcast also has a linear surf and pro surf, which are two different courses which...
  19. Ale218

    Declined Bring back dr_horrors

    The map was removed a lot of time ago, probably because it wasn't very popoular anymore, but since a lot of time has passed, I think lots of players miss it now, and would really enjoy it playing again, as well as new players who have recently started playing on skial deathrun and would like to...
  20. herp 105.4

    Declined remove this stupid item command

    spams consoles, does nothing good, s hit, lags out pc's, floods console and is generally a bad idea.