1. B

    Cant appeal ban?

    So I made a post a few days ago regarding my proxy ip ban it got 1 reply from an admin who posted "don't use a proxy ip" although to my knowledge i never was, anyway today i logged onto a different account to test if I could join there, and I successfully had gotten in, but I was still banned on...
  2. DrSurfNSno

    Invalid TF2 Appeal: DrSurfNSno

    Link to your ban from here Please click on Ban List or Comm List and click advanced search.[U:1:1037733230]&advType=steamid&Submit Why should you be unbanned? Hello! I recently got banned from...
  3. S

    Im banned on an old account and now my ip wont let me play years

    im banned on some old account bc years later when i try to play on a new account it says proxy ban, please help. was an old lmaobox game from when i was like probably 12-13. i dont know account name.or anything so i cant appeal
  4. C

    Declined IP banning

    Hi, this is half a question and half a suggestion. I am wondering whether IP banning is actually useful. Most private households have dynamic IP addresses; if somebody restarts their router, every device in the network is assigned a new IP address. So a cheater can easily evade an IP ban with...
  5. Joshua Grimes

    Invalid Appeal: Joshua Grimes

    Link to your ban or your com block:[U:1:162316691]&Submit Why should you be unbanned or unblocked?: My ban happened over almost 5 years ago now, and to be honest. I don't know what the reason for it is, and the ban page doesn't...
  6. Joshua Grimes

    Help needed

    Okay, let me start by saying I am new to Skial in general. I don't know when or why or even how i was banned, but when I attempt to join a TF2 Skial server, it tells me i was banned and to check for it on But I have been unable to find my ban. I believe it happened a long...
  7. Scoopp

    Can't find my ban?

    I went on sourcebans and tried to find my ban to appeal (because I want to play on the servers) I deleted my custom URL, and now I just have my regular ID. I tried searching by ID, nothing. I tried searching by username, nothing. But... I'm still banned. How can I find my ban? P.S...
  8. P

    How can i find an old ban on another account?

    Like the title says i was ip banned a while ago, maybe 2 years and im trying to find it on sourcebans to try to appeal it. How can i find it if i forgot nearly everything about the account and am on another?
  9. Limbo

    Got banned for no reason?

    Hit the wrong link nvr mind lmao
  10. E

    Self-Indetifying Black Bear Xevon (67%woman33#man)

    In Addition To The Appeal For My Communication Block 3 Day Mute: i'd like to include that i self identify as a xevon, we are dark skinned furrys and the black americans accept us into their community mainly for our ability to chop wood and harvest wild berries in the vast forests of Arkansas...
  11. D

    Invalid Appeal: DreadPirateSnuzzles

    Link to your ban or your com block:[U:1:1029309861]&advType=steamid Why should you be unbanned or unblocked?: I dont really understand why I was banned in the first place, to be honest. I looked up SMAC and it appears to be an...
  12. D

    Invalid Requesting Help Being Unbanned!

    I can't remember why I was banned, but I recently got back into the game and not being able to play on the skial servers is such a pain. I cannot for the life of me find my ban or comm log, and I need some help! I never cheated, so my ban was most likely either false or for being "toxic"...
  13. RinkyMcStinky

    Banned but can't find my ban on the ban list?

    I tried to join the US Skial trade server today but instead it told me I was banned, I tried to rejoin but I got the same message and even tried other Skial servers and still got the message. I wasn't sure what happened or why I was banned so I went to and couldn't find my...
  14. SamEar|Samir

    Vote Abuse

    Why don't you put a system in place that actually puts the vote ban through a review before getting accepted, like a request instead of a straight up ban as soon as the vote passes.
  15. G e O C e O

    I was banned and I did not break any rules

    well i was playing on The server: area/Ny here is the ip: I put that once of the lmaobox - best free tf2 hack but I was not hacking so take off the ban pls
  16. BB5K

    Just installed the bug patch update and instantly got banned

    Me (and a lot more people) just got perma banned from all skial servers after installing the update. I (and everyone else) got banned for "SMAC Crit/Spread Violation 2" I was on a 2fort eu+ server (as I was before the update) and then the chat started filling with "X person got banned...
  17. Da7Boi

    Proxy Ban (this is a frequent topic on here isnt it)

    Self Explanatory. Name was Dipshit with a frying pan, changed it to Da7Boi because I got bored of the original one. Would like some help with why the proxy I use was banned, as I haven't changed it at all.
  18. WReckTAngle

    Perm Banned

    i was hacking on my alt account to mees about, i was banned through ip and perm banned, i woudl like to get unbanned since all the other com servers are dead nad have bad mapls, pls help admin, i dont hack anymore
  19. MoonCancer

    Ban extended for no real reason

    So I got banned on skial deathrun EU for doing the door exploit on Trump Tower and the ban was listed as 3 days but then some literal dozen of minutes later the admin Bakiko decides to extend it by 1 month for literally no real applicable reason that was within my power to be punished with...
  20. asshole

    Did you ban VPN Ips?

    I dont enter to TF2 like 1 year ago, but i remember that after i got banned on skials servers i found a way to enter in and hack without the ban, i just download the VPN and started playing and hacking with another IP (VPN), i dont use it anymore. the only thing that i want to know is if you...