1. Solus667


    2fort+ LA there is this guy Fenriz who is blocking shots and constantly switching teams. have tried votes and no one votes. he's had 2 bans previously for griefing and each time he comes back and does the same thing until he gets booted again.
  2. SCP-049

    I'm sorry

    2 years ago I used to hack on my account, I was an idiot, I'm sorry. I also got banned on Skial, which is really sad, because they are better then Valve's server. I wish that I could take it back. I know that I'm an idiot, but is there a way to get unbanned? Thank you. My ID is [U:1:253090372]
  3. Comrade Kalinin Kalinych

    Picture Volatility and Severe Disturbance of the Server

    Greetings, I have registered to post a complaint, hopefully interact with the community and resolve the following issue. Recently, no longer than a week ago, one player that goes by the name of "TT" joined the server which I myself endorse and have been an everyday attendant for over two years...
  4. Nolij

    IP ban issue. NEED HELP

    Hey skial, I love you servers and have played on them a lot. I have a friend who comes over to my house often and we play on skial. There's one problem, his brother was cheating? in skial and got perma/ip banned. MY FRIEND GOT THE BAN ALSO, they live in the same house, but my friend legit...