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How Many People Do You Know Who Drink Low TDS Water: Distilled or Reverse Osmosis

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Ewok (Distilled Water)

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In Addition To The Appeal For My Communication Block 3 Day Mute:

i'd like to include that i self identify as a xevon, we are dark skinned furrys and the black americans accept us into their community mainly for our ability to chop wood and harvest wild berries in the vast forests of Arkansas.

they allow us to say ni****, they call us ni****, we use it as a term of endearment and we welcome others to use the term wisely depending on the context. whether it be a context of crisis, comedy, or commune - there are rare times and places where people of any ostensible background can rightfully use the word ni****.

please keep this in your consideration as you deal with the slanderous racism being mudslinged against my character.