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Invalid Appeal: DreadPirateSnuzzles

Discussion in 'Ban Appeals' started by DreadPirateSnuzzles, May 23, 2020.

  1. DreadPirateSnuzzles

    DreadPirateSnuzzles Unremarkable User

    Link to your ban or your com block:
    Why should you be unbanned or unblocked?:
    I dont really understand why I was banned in the first place, to be honest. I looked up SMAC and it appears to be an anti-cheat... but I have never used 3rd party apps for any steam games... and I dont cheat.

    This is concerning since it means your anti-cheat is flagging false positives.
    Like seriously, even if you arent going to unban me, trust that I was not cheating or using any 3rd party software, and look into it. You dont want your anti-cheat banning innocent people from your servers.​
  2. DreadPirateSnuzzles

    DreadPirateSnuzzles Unremarkable User

    I was just reading other threads and apparently extreme lag can upset SMAC? That could be an explanation as my ISP has been throttling my connection during the quarantine and creating a lot of variation, and I was jumping up to 400 ping a few times during the match in question where I was banned.
  3. DreadPirateSnuzzles

    DreadPirateSnuzzles Unremarkable User

    That is great that you guys dont tolerate cheating, but can you tolerate getting a less shitty anti-cheat? On my mothers life I was not cheating. This is very frustrating
  4. DreadPirateSnuzzles

    DreadPirateSnuzzles Unremarkable User

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  5. Phantom 5.0

    Phantom 5.0 TF2 Admin Contributor

  6. DreadPirateSnuzzles

    DreadPirateSnuzzles Unremarkable User

    Well I created the account to play with a lower ranked friend in CSGO, and I'm letting my GF use my main account since it has all the paid-for games she likes to play.
    I'm not trying to hide the fact that its an alternate account, it says so right in my bio.

    I have been getting issues with TF2 recently where "hl2.exe has stopped working,"
    but hand to heart on my dog and mothers life I was not cheating, nor have I ever. So frustrating as it is for me, I emplore you to look into your anti-cheat, because clearly there IS an issue
  7. DreadPirateSnuzzles

    DreadPirateSnuzzles Unremarkable User

    Oh one other thing I forgot to mention, is that I started getting CSGO and TF2 crashes shortly after installing Vanguard, (Riot Game's new Anti-Cheat for Valorant), whereas I previously had never had any crashes. Not sure if it is pertinent, but I figured I would mention it so you could pass it onto to your anti-cheat team or whomever. Im mostly just trying to figure out why it flagged me for cheating, and the lag spikes and those crashes are the only things that come to mind. I played on Skial servers for years with my main account without any issues.
  8. DreadPirateSnuzzles

    DreadPirateSnuzzles Unremarkable User

    Hello All,
    First post here so sorry if I break any decorum.

    I'm making this post to raise awareness of an issue I recently encountered playing on a Skial server. The SMAC anti-cheat flagged me as cheating, using a "backtrack" apparently.

    My best guess as to why it thought I was cheating is due to some extreme lag spikes I experienced whilst in the server (thanks ISP, you sure know how to throttle during quarantine). However another theory is that it may have something to do with Riot's anti-cheat Vanguard, as I have been getting hl2.exe crashes in TF2 and CSGO since installing Valorant (this is just a theory).

    I am resigned to the fact that my ability to play on Skial servers is forfeit at this point, and I wouldn't want the admins to unban people just because they said they were innocent. So, with nothing left to lose or gain, hopefully I am taken at my word that I was not cheating - which means that this is indeed an issue.

    While I'd be lying if I said I am not indignant about my ban, the main reason for this post is that I am hoping to bring this issue to light so that it does not happen to other players. Im not really sure if the anti-cheat is handled in-house, but hopefully this issue gets forwarded to the proper channels.
  9. DreadPirateSnuzzles

    DreadPirateSnuzzles Unremarkable User

    What the actual fuck. You are going to rate my post dumb and remove it from where people could see it when there is an actual issue? Fuck it, Skial is toxic as fuck and that guy Jermaphobe shouldn't be an admin.
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