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Scarcely Lethal Noob
i was hacking on my alt account to mees about, i was banned through ip and perm banned, i woudl like to get unbanned since all the other com servers are dead nad have bad mapls, pls help admin, i dont hack anymore


Australian Skial God
You don't hack anymore? You have a VAC from less than two months ago.

And this isn't the ban appeal section.


Sufficiently Lethal Scout
Why'd you "hack" in the first place? You cheated before, what'd stop you from doing it again in a day/week/month later?
Not a admin so I can't say whether you will be unbanned or not, but personally, I wouldn't unban people who admitted to/have knowingly/obviously have cheated.
If you don't get unbanned, take it as an reason as to not cheat in the future. And should you want to cheat again, do it in a single player game where it doesn't affect other player's fun.