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Me (and a lot more people) just got perma banned from all skial servers after installing the update. I (and everyone else) got banned for "SMAC Crit/Spread Violation 2"
I was on a 2fort eu+ server (as I was before the update) and then the chat started filling with "X person got banned for SMAC" and many more.
It was the console that did this too, so it must have bugged out after the update and went on a mass banning rampage.
AI will take over
Skial pls fix :cry:


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i just got instantly banned with the same issue as well, my character is ashorti.eci

thank you if you get a chance to fix it.


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It will get fixed, admins are already looking into it.

Just chill


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It will be fixed. Trust me, the staff is just as concerned (if not more concerned) to fix the issue


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For the reference