1. Maple Syrup

    Approved [FF2] Darth Vader rework

    I always hated seeing how much Dark vader was missing, so I tweaked him a bit and changed up his rage. I believe this should be very true to his origin and give him what he was always missing. Dark Vader changes Stats Health formula: (((750+n)*n)^1.04) Speed: 340 Rage dmg: 5000 Description He...
  2. Maple Syrup

    Approved [FF2] Pig Final Balance Changes

    This should be the final Pig update. (besides bug fixes and what not.) I didn't release it with the minor update due to me not being finished yet and just getting back after a long break. These changes involve fixing an issue with Pig's dmg and overall completely buffing every part of pig that...
  3. Maple Syrup

    Approved [FF2] Pig Update

    Been trying to get this update out for a while, but the last few weeks have been busy for me .-. I can finally begin working on this boss again. This update includes minor balance changes. Version 1.1.2 These changes were made due to boss being very weak. Stat changes *ONCE again (I swear...
  4. exer

    Approved [SURF] Update surf_halofuse to v2f

    New update to surf_halofuse_v2: from v2d to v2f! Among the major changes are the addition of some moddeled ramps, and the BSP size decreasing from ~350MB to just 143MB thanks to repacking. https://gamebanana.com/mods/72103
  5. Maple Syrup

    Approved [FF2] Pig Balance Changes

    Some minor balance changes on Pig. This update mainly fixes the issues with fireworks destroying buildings and Vaccinator buffs not working during rage. Includes some balance changes as well from information gathered. Version 1.1.1 changes: Important fix!: *Fixed problem with fireworks...
  6. Maple Syrup

    Approved [FF2] Pig Update

    Waited a while to gather information on Pig and after everything I have been told and a lot of testing I believe the update is ready. This should be the last major change for pig for a while. I always believed that something was missing from his rage and I think this should help make him more...
  7. Maple Syrup

    Approved FF2 Pig Important fix

    Sorry if this change is sudden, but after trying him out on the server I could see many problems right away. Someone told me that his small size made it hard for sentries to even hit him. They could not land a shot unless he crouched so I increased the model size and reworked the hitboxes to...
  8. ♥Flandre♥

    Declined [FF2] Suggestion To Change Bosses + Update

    As a reminder, The Ass pancakes and The Pootis bird is still here in ff2 server and It must be removed so we can replaced as Painis cupcake and Beep Man. Also the Cave Johnson must be update to reworked boss after its approved. Painis Cupcake (Being Replaced from Ass Pancakes)...
  9. ♥Flandre♥

    Declined [FF2] Flandre Scarlet [Overhaul + Fixed Rage]

    They should be nerfed now, balanced, and overhaul and updated stats added killing mann Class: Spy Health Formula: (((700+n)*n)^1.04) Damage: 210 Movement Speed: 360 hu/sf Weapon: Three Rune Blade(Its weapon name is tf_weapon_shovel so it doesn't have extra damage and swing speed. Also it has...
  10. 「Coronarena」

    Approved Update dr_stardust

    Hey! I released an update to the map. Basic changelog on the GB page. I say basic because there's a lot of stuff that I wasn't able to list due to me being an idiot and forgetting half of what I've done ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ Anyway the map is better and all the minor bugs people of Skial found have been...
  11. Gamer4605

    Approved Update dangerzone to final

  12. Gamer4605

    Approved Update dr monkey ball to the new version

    https://gamebanana.com/maps/196245 Self explanatory
  13. Gamer4605

    Approved Update dr undertale to the surprisingly existing new version

    https://gamebanana.com/maps/191701 No need to say anything
  14. Wheyloffle

    [VSH] Why have Skial servers not updated to VSH v2.0+?

    I've looked over the forums and couldn't find a post about this. The fresher, more detailed Hale model and animations are sexy, the plague doctor is a lovely concept and a pretty fun new dimension to play imo, and *you get to pick your own boss*. I'm sure a lot of people, myself included, would...
  15. Pansmith

    Approved surf_lux_casual A1

    Well, I just saw that my previous version got approved, but I'm putting this here anyways. Here Now it has a jail with a neat mechanic, better water, and some minor rebalances. . About the Jail Has a cap! Said cap takes 12 seconds to cap, but when capped will allow instant access back to...
  16. Jermaphobe

    Achievement_Idle_Awesomebox_Jsmith_Space Update Thread

    I'll be using this thread to post notifications of updates to the achievement_idle_awesomebox_jsmith_space map currently running on Bottiger's 24/7 Idle Server September 1, 2018 Fixed players being able to pick up the intelligence through walls near its spawning point Added a mini-ammo kit on...
  17. BB5K

    Just installed the bug patch update and instantly got banned

    Me (and a lot more people) just got perma banned from all skial servers after installing the update. I (and everyone else) got banned for "SMAC Crit/Spread Violation 2" I was on a 2fort eu+ server (as I was before the update) and then the chat started filling with "X person got banned...
  18. Sargent¥

    TF2 Update - 03/28/2018

    Matchmaking Changes Competitive Revamp The matchmaking system used for Competitive Mode has been overhauled. Players will now be ranked using a model based on the Glicko rating system used in CS:GO. The old 18 Competitive ranks have been consolidated into 13 new ranks. You can view the new...
  19. Meebas

    Approved Revert vsh_abandoned_warehouse_v2 to its previous build?

    vsh_abandoned_warehouse_v2 ► vsh_abandoned_warehouse_a3 @g . I know there's no easy way to tell someone that their hard work did more harm than good, but this honestly is really the case. For the first couple days this updated version of the map came out, there were missing textures and props...
  20. KinCryos

    Happy Smissmas 2016

    All players who play TF2 during the event will receive a Stuffed Stocking as a gift! Stockings contain goodies for good little Mercenaries. Added the limited-time key-less Winter 2016 Cosmetic Case to the Mann Co. Store Contains 17 new community-contributed items The Festivizer can be found as...