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Discussion in 'Suggestions' started by Maple Syrup, Mar 11, 2021.

  1. Maple Syrup

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    Waited a while to gather information on Pig and after everything I have been told and a lot of testing I believe the update is ready.

    This should be the last major change for pig for a while. I always believed that something was missing from his rage and I think this should help make him more unique. This update also makes the config a lot easier to edit and gives more freedom on some of his rages.

    Version 1.1.0 changes
    *Boss' description has been simplified and no longer includes song names as they are already told in chat.
    *Hp formula is now (((670+n)*n)^1.04) instead of (((700+n)*n)^1.04). This is to make up for his new rage.
    *Dynamic jump cooldown has been increased to 6 seconds.
    *Gravity rage has been changed in the config. It is now more customizable and allows more freedom on what you can edit all thx to the new plugin!
    *Duration of gravity has been lowered to 8 seconds to match crits and kb resis from hale. It is also weaker. This should give hale a better chance to catch players with his rage as before it was not that useful and was too situational.

    Rage rework
    *Rage is now called Bundles as a reference to an item in Minecraft.

    *Bundles: Eat a Golden apple to gain Vac buffs for 12 seconds + crits and kb immunity for 8 seconds. Mercs eat a poison apple gaining the levitation buff! This gives them lower gravity.

    *Any near by players will be launched in the air by fireworks taking damage. Damage is 85 including any fall damage. The range for the fireworks is small but it can be good at killing really light classes or finishing of a player. It also removes the players' gravity, so they can't float away.

    *TNTSpenser is now part of his rage as an item that comes out of the bundle.

    *TNTSpenser: Place it wherever you are looking when you rage. Takes 4 seconds to explode but when it does it deals massive damage. Its range is very short (Which is close to how it would be in Minecraft. Had to do the math. .-. It's not at all exact but is close enough.) It can also be destroyed if players catch it in time. Has 280 hp.
    It is very good at destroying buildings though.

    Minor change
    Replaced sound ragepig.mp3 with ragepignew.mp3 to fit his new rage. Pig
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  4. Maple Syrup

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    Minor Change
    Forgot to add the rework of Buffed Pig which is now called Sprint as a reference to sprint in minecraft. This was thx to someone talking about pigs speed last night which jogged my memory and made me check XD.

    This should encourage the use of rage and be more original towards the game pig was from.

    *Sprint: Hold RELOAD to activate (Requires 30% rage to use. 30% because you needed higher than 3 hunger bars to use sprint so think of 30% as 3 hunger bars.) Increases speed by a large amount.

    *Amount of rage consumed has been decreased due to kb resis and defense buff being removed. Speed has also been increased.

    *Rage dmg has been decreased to make up for this change. 6200 - 6000 now.

    Now this should be the last change for a while. Thx everyone for all the feedback. Really helps with balancing the boss. Download link is still the same as all I did was change the zip file so no need for a new link.
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