1. Noro

    ZE_Minecraft_Universe bug

    A bug that has been around for a long time and happens every round of Minecraft Universe but somehow hasn't been reported/fixed. When the train leaves zombies can hug the train from the outside which causes them to also "ride" it, this makes it so that they can wait for us at the door and kill a...
  2. n3k();

    Wrong map on skial trade EU ?

    Hello Since 05/11/2021 - 12:00:00 AM is seems we have the wrong map setted up on Skial Trade EU. The map change was apparently automatic and may have been a config error as the previous map seemed to be manually updated during the day. In fact, I personally hope it's a config error because I...
  3. Slendr_Playr918

    Skial 2Fort server crashes game

    Everytime I join a Skial 2Fort server, the second that It loads up all the way, the entire game just closes itself completely, sending me back to desktop. Anyone got any suggestions as to what to do to fix this issue I'm having?
  4. Stove™

    Choosing a random class

    So I am someone who prefers to just let the game pick a class for me rather than trying to decide what class I wanna kill bosses with on FF2. I'm a sucker for variety and I just like to play everything. Recently, though, I've noticed that whenever I choose random, it always spawns me as...
  5. AgentApple50

    Declined !equip & dr_dangerzone

    Ever since the !equip plugin was added, there have been several instances where if the secret boss minigame was chosen the previous round and a couple seconds pass after a new round starts, everyone's game would almost completely freeze. This would lead to people crashing or quitting the game...
  6. bratyevkorostylyovyh

    on server Team Fortress 2 Randomizer 10X too raw version

    There are bugs unlike other previous versions of Randomizer 10X : Normal does not work, no weapon slot, engineer does not build and Spy does not have cloak when it is not mentioned(always had) I used !report but it never got server change version
  7. Gamer4605

    New Fix “the truth” on santassassination

    Multiple people keep complaining over the true ending being impossible to reach. I have no clue why it’s broken or how to get there but I can confirm that it is never reached and everyone says it’s broken. If someone wants to state exactly why it’s broken go ahead.
  8. Gamer4605

    Already Done Fix the “dark end of the forum” trophy

    this trophy is only available to veterans as it is apparently broken due to the dark theme itself being changed. Please fix.
  9. Gamer4605

    Need Help Fix 1st double door + reduce earape in dr whizzy

    you can go beside the siren and crouch and walk through skipping the first double door (50/50) in this map.
  10. EinZ

    Picture Bug on dr_blackmesa_v3_skial

    You wont get teleported to the end if you stay at this place. This ends up in a stalemate. Picture is in the comments
  11. DanishSoup

    Server breaking bug found in FF2

    A bug has been found in FF2 that crashes the server when something is preformed. That something requires the boss "Genji" and his reflect power-up. If the boss uses his rage then drops the reflect power-up then picks it up again; he can have it forever but if he gives the reflect to another...
  12. Sir Trooper

    Approved Dr Currently Broken (Anybody can Join Hale on blue team)

    Summary: Dr Currently Broken (Anybody can Join Hale on blue team) Details: Currently anybody can join the Hale on the blue team during the set up of the round leading to multiple activators. Please watch the demos for full details on what I mean. Demo...
  13. Sir Trooper

    Approved Dr_Cocanium_Invasion failing to load

    The new map Dr_Cocanium_Invasion that has been recently added refuses to load and kicks me to the main menu after a while. When I rejoin the server I find that the server has picked a random map, most likely because it could not load the new map. This led to the player count of the server to...
  14. Sir Trooper

    Need Help Fix Dr_Dangerzone Minigames

    The minigames in Dr_Dangerzone are broken as they kill everyone as soon as the they start. The demo shows this happening on one of the minigames but not the rest, however I can confirm it happens with all of them. The broken minigames led to everyone eventually rtving the map. The footage...
  15. Kacey

    Vsh bugs

    -Engi cant gain benefits of other wrenches with the necrosmasher -not all weapon changes are listed, like how changed the bfb is +2 ammo in clip and no charge given with damage but it says nothing about it in scout menu -spy.... just spy -backburner airblast charges but does not increase...
  16. BB5K

    Just installed the bug patch update and instantly got banned

    Me (and a lot more people) just got perma banned from all skial servers after installing the update. I (and everyone else) got banned for "SMAC Crit/Spread Violation 2" I was on a 2fort eu+ server (as I was before the update) and then the chat started filling with "X person got banned...
  17. M

    I need help downloading maps

    Every time i try to get into a server of deathrun or any custom map over all, it disconnects after "downloading" the models of the server, i tried everything i have seen on youtube, from allowing all the server's files to be downloaded to commands like cl_downloadall 1 or whatever it is, once i...
  18. Ļeón "Cheesecake" Coɾetż

    New VSH Gamemode Modification Requests

    Although I know VSH isn't Skial's mod, I figure that Skial commands some influence in its updates, so I'd like to propose the following: 1) Improve Hale Selection: all too often, players go afk or don't want to be Hale but are oblivious to the messages saying they'll be Hale soon/next. Instead...
  19. Lightion

    Projectiles LITCHRALLY going through walls, and any surface (inc. floors...)

    This AFAIK only effected the Badwater EU No crit server for the sake of convenience the ip is: Heres a demo: http://www.mediafire.com/file/2f9af8c0hjq25wb/disappear.dem I was literally able to shoot the stickies through walls and hit someone
  20. Meebas

    Approved Fix small issues with bosses in FF2

    Known issues: Demopan can charge infinitely without consuming rage; I believe this is a bug. If not, it needs to be nerfed. 2%-4% rage consumption should be reasonable. (up to 20 charges at full) Spyro can completely fill revolver ammo at dispensers, after using rage (avoiding only having 3...