zombie escape

  1. Eggs

    Resolved ZE_SAM is broken plz halp

    ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ I recorded it and added it to my YouTube acc. ^^
  2. Eternal Bloodbag

    New Add an Item info Menu to Zombie Escape

    It would be nice if there would be a menu on a weapons stats for your class on zombie escape so new players know what may be good or bad just like the item info menu in vsh.
  3. VentureDev

    Zombie Escape Weapon Stats

    This was compiled together by Tranquility and will be updated when weapons stats are changed. This is more than out of date and will be updated soon. --------------------- TF2 Skial ZE STATS ------------------------- ---- SOME INFO MAY BE INACCURATE AND/OR LACK THOROUGH TESTING ----...
  4. Eltra

    Approved Increase the Zombie Escape Map Cooldown from 9 to 20

    i think i speak for most sane individuals when i say the 9 CD is just not enough for ZE with its current map pool. the feedback loop of santassination > squidgames > krusty krab > mako > mako 2 is mind numbing and i believe most people would be on board for a cooldown raise. the 9 map cooldown...
  5. Noro

    Approved Rework Pyro on Zombie Escape

    In the current meta for ZE Pyro is simply too overpowered. A single pyro can very easily hold down an entire team of zombies without any support. Me and some others are hoping for the possibility of nerfing Pyro's direct hit slow by 10-15%. I'm curious to hear other people's thoughts and other...
  6. VentureDev

    New [ZE] Get rid of class desciptions, put them in /zmenu

    Suggesting this to hopefully make it clear for new players joining on what classes do. The problem with current class descriptions is that they can only be read when you spawn into the game in chat. Most of the time these end up blocked by map info or chat messages. Same issue with the /zmenu...
  7. VentureDev

    New [ZE] Make other knives available for ZM spies

    As of now, the only knife available for zombie spies is stock. It's not clear as to why the other knives are banned, would like to know why they were banned in the first place.
  8. Noro

    ZE_Minecraft_Universe bug

    A bug that has been around for a long time and happens every round of Minecraft Universe but somehow hasn't been reported/fixed. When the train leaves zombies can hug the train from the outside which causes them to also "ride" it, this makes it so that they can wait for us at the door and kill a...
  9. Gamer4605

    Declined Seasonal Dr/Ze/Vsh maps?

    There are many maps based around a particular holiday, I can see it being a server filler to have maps exclusive to a certain holiday, the example that comes to mind is ze Halloween house which was removed ages ago, making it a seasonal exclusive might make people want to play it more as it...
  10. im a woo

    New [ZE] Human buffs and mutation balancing suggestions.

    Humans: Scout: Scout in zombie escape is a downgrade from other shotgun classes, since he only has a scattergun. Other classes have more to their class. Engineer has buildings, pyros can air-blast, soldiers have a rocket launcher. He lacks the ability to defend as well as the other classes, and...
  11. Polaris

    Need Help Put old school maps in Zombie Escape

    I have been playing Zombie Escape in CSS since 2013. I found a lot of CSS maps really good for TF2 and having 9 different classes makes them even better. I have some maps I am thinking of that are pretty good and old school that are fun and with different routes and some of them difficult to get...
  12. Italian Doctor

    Already Done [ZE] Bring Spy Cleaver Back

    It was still hard to go Spy but now it's even harder.
  13. LordM

    Approved Add class limits to ZE

    Zombie Escape is a gamemode that desperately needs class limits. It is very unbalanced at the moment, as it is possible to have a team full of heavies that can guarantee a win on pretty much any map, have a bunch of pyros that are able to delay the zombies for a significantly long period of...
  14. Gamer4605

    Need Help Get the original Santa mapper to make an official tf2 port or create a new port from the ground up

    This would fix many of the issues in the map, and would make it more enjoyable for people as the map would be made easier, the map would need to be optimised for tf2 (making it easier for humans without frustrating zombie players) however a hard mode should be added which is just a direct copy...
  15. Italian Doctor

    Picture 10/10 Cures colorblindness please keep

    I am out of my mind
  16. Italian Doctor

    (Wrong thread) Remove ze_jungle_lab

    Sometimes a lot of people stay at spawn when all of the zombies have already taken the elevator and the votemenu doesn't cover everyone. Spending a while on this map is boring when we have to wait for the timer to finish because there's nothing to do.
  17. Italian Doctor

    Buffer overflow in net message

    I'm getting this message a lot while playing ZE. Other players are getting it too as the entire server's player count drops to 0/32 It's getting more and more frequent. I haven't played other gamemodes but I'll assume that they're not affected.
  18. Gamer4605

    Why do people dislike santassination so much

    I seriously do not understand this. Please explain. The entire server just rtv’d it and they refuse to explain why.
  19. Gamer4605

    New Fix “the truth” on santassassination

    Multiple people keep complaining over the true ending being impossible to reach. I have no clue why it’s broken or how to get there but I can confirm that it is never reached and everyone says it’s broken. If someone wants to state exactly why it’s broken go ahead.
  20. pax

    Santassassination Map Problem, Help please

    I have a problem when I play in this map and this problem is that I can't see the weird things that constantly jump and the reindeers and because of that I couldnt even go futher because I keep dying by something invisible, I deleted the map many times then get back in the map but the problem...