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Do you believe class limits should be added to Zombie Escape?

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  1. LordM

    LordM Mildly Menacing Medic

    Zombie Escape is a gamemode that desperately needs class limits. It is very unbalanced at the moment, as it is possible to have a team full of heavies that can guarantee a win on pretty much any map, have a bunch of pyros that are able to delay the zombies for a significantly long period of time, and before the crippling nerf, have a team full of engineers that make life hell for zombies. Engineer's sentry is useless as hell now, btw. Pretty much any class that has the ability to significantly affect or harm zombies in any way, you can select a lot of them and be able to dominate the zombies. It is impossible to be able to reliably balance any map around this, as a map can go from difficult to extremely easy depending on how many heavies are on the survivors team. Dealing with 10+ heavies is an extremely frustrating and unfun experience for zombies. It is also frustrating as a survivor to deal with your team being filled with classes that do not contribute much or help the team, like scout, demoknight, or even spy. Demoknight and spy can inflict a serious amount of damage when used properly, but they are terrible at holding back zombies, leading to zombies eventually winning that round because nothing is keeping them away from the humans. Scouts are basically useless, there is no unique attribute about Scout that is helpful, and you never really need scouts other than when retreating because they can use their speed to reliably keep away zombies (which none of them ever do). Even though scout is the most useless class in ZE, he is often the most overplayed class in the server, leading to rounds with 10+ scouts who do nothing and die. I would much rather have someone be useless as a heavy or engineer, because they are not playing a class that is specifically tailored to and encouraging of selfish gameplay, like scout. You are punished much more for being useless as any other class than scout. The only significant things that a scout can do in ZE is double jump(provides absolutely no usefulness to their team), drink bonk and become temporarily immune to damage(again, provides absolutely no use or help to their teammates), and throw mad milk to slow zombies(pyro can already slow zombies and medic can already heal; also 90% of scouts don't even use mad milk). Scout is a class that encourages self-preservation and lone survival over everything else, but in ZE lone survival is nonexistent unless you are the last alive, you cannot get anywhere without a team. Now that I am finished ranting about scout, I will get back to the main point of this thread. Class limits are heavily needed in this gamemode. I have tried to convince Bottiger to add them to ZE with no success. So instead I will take this to the forums and create a poll and see how many other people agree with me that class limits need to be added.

    To summarize what I said above for those who do not want to read my wall of text;

    • Heavy can be spammed to make rounds unwinnable and unenjoyable for zombies.
    • Pyro can be spammed to make rounds unenjoyable for zombies, and almost unwinnable depending on how many zombies there are.
    • Engineer used to be spammable to make rounds unwinnable and unenjoyable, now he is unenjoyable to even play.
    • Scout is the most useless class in ZE and yet gets spammed to make rounds unenjoyable and unwinnable for survivors.
    And more points I did not make in my thread above:
    • Soldier could also be spammed and have the close to the same impact as heavy, although I have not seen this happen yet.
    • Demoknight can be spammed and make life hell for zombies on low player count servers, or on santassination(powerups)
    • Medics/Engineers can be spammed on maps with boss fights to make boss fights ridiculously easy due to their healing abilities.
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  2. Jermaphobe

    Jermaphobe Moderator Contributor Legendary Mapper

  3. Dragontamer

    Dragontamer TF2 Admin Contributor

    +1, sick of seeing 8 scouts in a round just because he's "the fastest" even though the gamemode is based around teamwork and not surviving solo. Demo has this but can at least be used as a distraction to zombies.
  4. Ep1tapH

    Ep1tapH Unremarkable User

    +1, should have been added a long time ago
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