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Somewhat Threatening Sniper

Scout in zombie escape is a downgrade from other shotgun classes, since he only has a scattergun. Other classes have more to their class. Engineer has buildings, pyros can air-blast, soldiers have a rocket launcher. He lacks the ability to defend as well as the other classes, and his speed is barely any different nor any help to the team. There's no point playing scout when you have classes who can do his job even better. This is why I propose a buff to scouts primary weapons as well as some of his useless secondary weapons.

Clip size increased from +200% to +300% (Clip size increased from 18 to 24)
Reload speed increased from 70% to 90%
Shortstop, Force-A-Nature, Soda Popper:
Increased clip size from 8 to 16
Fix firing speed from Force-A-Nature and Soda popper back to 80%
Baby Faces Blaster:
Increased clip size from 4 to 8
Flying Guillotine:
Deals a critical hit, and stuns the zombie it hits.
Has 2 seconds of full critical hits, while the rest 6 seconds are normal mini-crits. Players nearby will also receive a mini-crit buff.
Fires 20% faster than other pistols (30% firing speed to 50%)
-30% reload speed

Heavy, Family business:
Increased clip size from +200% to +250% (21 clip size)
-15% damage penalty increased to -30%
Lunchbox items:
Can carry up to 3 lunchbox items at a time instead of only 1
Buffalo Steak Sandwich gives the heavy 8 seconds of mini crits, does not restrict heavy to melee.

Engineer, frontier justice:
Only +100% clip size instead of +200% (12 clip size)
When sentry is targeting a zombie, the engineer will deal mini-crits and 10% faster (80% to 90%)
Rescue Ranger:
Fix the weapon to have infinite ammo
Sentry will have 2x more HP with the RR equipped

Spies Sapper Replacement Suggestion:
Spies sapper should be replaced with a cleaver than stuns the zombie it hits, and all zombies nearby will be slowed down and be affected by bleed for 3 seconds.
Cleaver takes 30 seconds to recharge.

Some mutations in zombie escape are just too weak to be used while others can be really op on certain maps. Soldiers mutation is pointless, spies mutation can be abused on wide maps on Dreamin or Kebab, while heavies mutation is strong on tighter maps like Biohazard or Otakuroom.

All Classes:
When a zombie uses mutation, the players who die from the mutation will not be infected from their spot, but rather be dead and wait to respawn to the zombie side.
Long range zombie kills can lead to ultimately ruining whatever the humans have worked up to just by having a light class die with low health while they were behind the entire human defense.

Remove HP removed upon using his mutation. Mutation only requires 50 enzymes compared to other classes.
Scout already has a low amount of HP and will die more often. His mutation is useful but is pretty weak.

Zombies will have smoke be less visible, and will gain a battalions buff with a 50hp/sec regeneration if they are inside the smoke.
By far the weakest and most useless mutation, the smoke barely helps with anything and can blind zombies more than humans.

Remove the caber from being able to be equipped, to make it so that when using mutation, the demo will be equipped with a one time use caber that will have a larger explosion radius on hit but will deal less damage from from enemies who are near the explosion, and will be equipped back to the weapon of what they were using. Cannot deal critical or mini critical hits.

Upon stunning a building, the building will be sapped instead of stunned.

Takes time to decloak instead of being able to hit while invisible.

ps: disable random bullet spread



Somewhat Threatening Sniper
yeah alot of this makes sense, for zombies the caber is stuipidly op as they can easily take out 5-6 players at the start of the game (especially on maps like pokemon). Would be nice to see these changes or at least some of them added in as it will help balance the game even more and make running classes such as scout more useful to the team.