1. exer

    Approved [SURF] Update surf_halofuse to v2f

    New update to surf_halofuse_v2: from v2d to v2f! Among the major changes are the addition of some moddeled ramps, and the BSP size decreasing from ~350MB to just 143MB thanks to repacking.
  2. Yalta

    Declined [Surf] add surf_Lullaby_Redone_rc1 pretty please

    Surf Lullaby Redone - I haven't met anyone who dislikes this map. Please add this map, what reason would you have to not add this map. I and everyone else loves this map so please, god please add it. I don't know what mystical forces go into adding a map to the...
  3. FrozenFirebug

    Approved Remove or greatly rework the collision damage feature you've recently added to surf.

    I understand that you don't want people blocking the surf for others, but this has no place on a combat surf server, let alone the last living one. Within 5 minutes of playing today, I've instagibbed a market gardener soldier who should've by all rights killed me just because he touched me at...
  4. Chermoil

    Declined [Surf] Map suggestion - Overlook

    An arena surf map with an approachable bonus surf and many secrets. This map was last updated in 2014 and is well optimised for tf2 specifically. This map was made by Egan. He's the creator behind surf_venice, surf_haloween, surf_entrance and was a contributor to watergate...
  5. Yalta

    Declined [Surf] A Collection of Surf Maps

    Surf Blackout - Surf Lullaby Redone - Surf Minuet - Surf Torrent - Surf CrazyFrog - Surf Snow Arena -...
  6. unipan

    Declined [Surf] Add surf_akai_f1n4l

    Great map that's always fun!!! Has a good number of features, and personally it's fun for both pros and newbies to learn the surf basics! The surf section and jail is nice. surf_year3000 is great too...
  7. Doodle nugget


    There happens to be a surf_rainbow_v4... maybe we could get that up and running, new jail, more secrets, I think the casuals would enjoy this one more. Also remove x10 from rotation nobody enjoys playing on that map thanks!
  8. Delays

    Declined [Surf] Surf map suggestions

    Surf_avatar_v2 Very unique staged combat surf map with levels based off of avatar Surf_rebound_v1 Cool combat surf, and thats all i have to say really surf_akai_f1n4l_doorfix...
  9. Delays

    Declined [SURF] Add back surf_quack_v2 Surf_quack_v2 was a brilliant map, it had many secrets, it featured a large arena which you could surf around and with it there was a challenging bonus surf what had a great design. This kind of map design was really good since it catered to both the people...
  10. Lord Vader

    Declined surf_effortless Arena map with a bonus linear. Map is made by Felix/Diealready.
  11. Lord Vader

    Declined surf_congo_black Could only find the link for the css version of the map. If there's a to the tf2 version of the map, I'll post that instead.
  12. Ibo

    Approved [Surf] Add surf_revolution_5cp

    This map is decently new and has an interesting concept to it. It is revolution, but it is 5 separate arenas that consist of points. It's your average 5cp game, but with surfing. I have taken a decent look at it and I think this would be the most experimental (and strange) map yet, but would be...
  13. Lord Vader

    Declined 3 Surf maps

    Surf_crzyfrog_reloaded Surf_serpent_v6 Surf_pulse_v2
  14. Yalta

    Approved [Surf] surf_flux_arena_b3

    This is a combat surf map with a bonus surf. It has an interesting design and is pretty fun to play on. It has a giant powerup at the end of the bonus to reward players for getting better at surf. Pls Bottiger
  15. Delays

    Declined [Surf] 2 Map Suggestions

    surf_halloween_v2b surf_torrent_v1b Both maps have nicely designed jails and both have a good challenging surf. (these maps have powerups that i think needs a custom plugin, but it is optional)
  16. Ibo

    Declined [Surf] Add Surf_Overcast

    Overcast Surf Overcast is an old map that I think would have a good place in Skial. Overcast has many secrets that can be accessed through tricks, and it has a jail that can be exited through parkour. Surfs Overcast also has a linear surf and pro surf, which are two different courses which...
  17. Delays

    Declined [Surf] remove surf_10x_tf2_complete

    Welcome to the "most popular surf in tf2" however the popularity of this map is not real, people only play this map on other servers because this is mainly a trading map and not combat surf. This map is completely despised by the Skial community, when this map is voted "usually because it is f1...
  18. Delays

    welcome to surf 10x lmao its clear this map is hated mostly me who hates it tho
  19. Delays

    Declined Add back surf_crater_v2

    This map was recently removed and I don't see why the map was very detailed and had lots of effort put into it also the map had 3 surfs that had different difficulties so all types of surfers could enjoy. The community seemed to like this map and were disappointed at its removal and I didn't...
  20. Yalta

    Declined [Surf] add surf_minuet_v1p

    It's a Zelda themed map made by Nappa. Challenging surf and interesting jail with a few secrets. (can't post link due to lack of posts)