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    who tf is gonna miss goldencheeze

    who tf is gonna miss goldencheeze
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    New FF2Boss Suggestion Cakehole Piss

    -1 mf just said our bosses are unoriginal and suggested 2 lazy unoriginal sniper reskins. u want original? allow me to bring you to the church of chaddiger
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    Approved FF2 Boss Suggestion: Painis Cupcake

    +1 this was already approved
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    New [FF2]Add Boss: The Warlock

    -1 Honestly, cool design. Looks good, faithful to source material. Small problem, I agree with Percilius on this boss being too strong, if you were to tone down some of his abilities, I would absolutely +1 this. Personal suggestion, remove Void Invisibility + Healing Rift. Something along those...
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    Approved [FF2] Boss + Weapon changes

    +1 anyone who thinks the GL is too strong is having a skill issue moment, otherwise good changes
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    State of Freak Fortress 2 form poll

    im sorry but i have to agree with herp you're having a bit of a skill issue Smart hales target certain classes at the beginning of the round, you'd probably find a bit more success if you kill the medics and engineers first rather than the scouts. taunt minicrits arent super strong unless DH...
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    Approved FF2 Boss Removals

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    New [FF2] 2 Engie Cap

    -1 to 2, +1 to 3 or 4 things were balanced around 4 engies and they have been for a long time, wouldn't want to change it also class limits suck
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    Declined readd turret testing again (again) (and space too)

    -1 for turret testing sorry herp the map sucks the meme isnt funny anymore +1 for space
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    Declined [FF2] Add Boss : The Overseer

    -1 how much damage does the gun/melee deal, how much ammo does the gun have, the clip size. if the numbers are too high this boss will be unfun to go against the design is just an OC and doesn't really fit the theme of FF2, being a mashup of (mostly) well known characters
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    New [FF2] Gaben Reworked

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    New [FF2] Multiple boss suggestion

    FINALLY managed to login +1 to everything except omori -1 to that
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    Declined Buff market garden and backstabs

    If I Was Kira, You'd Be Dead.
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    Declined Buff market garden and backstabs

    for the thread -1 for the guy who made the thread your mother misses seeing you out of your room. Anime does not teach you any life lessons, you just seem stupid
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    (VSH) rule against ghosting

    -1 if this applies to FF2 aswell (i would naturally assume it would) only time ghosting happens in ff2 is if a player is hiding in a spot which hale cannot find. depending on players DirectX level they may not see the outline that hales receive when it is the last player, so ghosting actually...