team fortress 2

  1. ciggy

    New Any chance we could get more vanilla maps added to the class wars servers?

    It's just that playing dustbowl 24/7 can get stale very quickly.
  2. Arusu1

    Vagineer: Uber or Haste?

    This is a topic that I've been wanting to address for a while now and that is whether Vagineer is better off with having haste, or that his uber had made it better for the game to play with.
  3. Grustlik

    Invalid TF2 Appeal: Grustlik

    Link to your ban from here Please click on Ban List or Comm List and click advanced search. Why should you be unbanned? I have a confession. Roughly in 2019 I ran LMAOBox...
  4. DrSurfNSno

    Invalid TF2 Appeal: DrSurfNSno

    Link to your ban from here Please click on Ban List or Comm List and click advanced search.[U:1:1037733230]&advType=steamid&Submit Why should you be unbanned? Hello! I recently got banned from...
  5. Gamer4605

    Loadout megathread

    Zuko told me to make this so yeah here you go Post your Skial loadouts here.
  6. Arusu1

    Favorite TF2 mod?

    Mods make this game better, so like, say what mods are your favorite and I might try them out. My favorite one so far is Robotnik’s voice over engineer’s
  7. Arusu1

    The problem with friendlies

    Honestly, I’m kind of just tired of random fuckos complaining about why they’re getting banned from friendlying or that they can’t friendly. Here’s a little piece of advice for the tastebudless cucks who do nothing but complain. Go play on a different fucking server. It’s not that hard. If you...
  8. GoldSrc

    Declined add 5CP maps to skial map pool

    For a server that is considered a competitive server, Skial has a very low amount of competitively viable maps in it's map pool, mainly consisting of CTF, payload, and some KOTH servers. Most competitively played maps fall into the category of 5CP, payload, and occasionally KOTH (mostly only...
  9. Doodle nugget


    There happens to be a surf_rainbow_v4... maybe we could get that up and running, new jail, more secrets, I think the casuals would enjoy this one more. Also remove x10 from rotation nobody enjoys playing on that map thanks!
  10. T

    Why do people kill friendly groups in games?

    This is mostly for TF2, but I've seen it happen in a few other games too. There will be a friendly group waltzing around, but one person usually decides to start going try hard and killing the friendlies. Why don't they just leave and join a different server with actual fighting going on in the...
  11. IkarosEZERA

    Skial 2Fort EU

    Server: EU 2Fort Time: Hello, I would like to report an unbelievably toxic behaviour of one of the players. Me and my mate Nieznajomy (we are both Polish) were playing on a 2fort like we always use to.Today though, frisk went a little bit too far. Needless to say we were pretty offended by what...
  12. Donut185

    It's that time again

    Skial, in case you haven't noticed, its the spooky month, now add some spooky maps to the rotations.
  13. Gamer4605

    R.I.P. Rick May

    Most of you reading this probably already know this, but the voice actor for the soldier has unfortunately passed away due to COVID-19. This is a thread to discuss the soldier and his voice actor now that this news has come out. May we have a full day of rocket jumping and soldier gameplay to...
  14. 3 idiots

    New TF2 Randomizer 10X maps suggestions Arena. aot attack on titan mode, which makes defenders small and attackers big!(use command to respawn, because Titans can spawn stuck in textures) "Features: Play as a Titan and fight the humans to capture the next gate. Or play as a human and fend off from the...
  15. 3 idiots

    Declined Team Fortress 2, Valve. Change server with randomizer 10x

    Add there maps, some funny, like aot (attack on titans, which makes some people giants and some small) , cp_towerbridge, pl_awesome, some arenas
  16. RitzPitz

    Want-TF2 Selling a One of One Terror-Watt Lightning Lid for around 400

    Backpack price: None Last Buyer Price: 500 Keys= $1000 Selling for 30% off!!! ~350 Keys!! Reply or Add me!!!
  17. bratyevkorostylyovyh

    on server Team Fortress 2 Randomizer 10X too raw version

    There are bugs unlike other previous versions of Randomizer 10X : Normal does not work, no weapon slot, engineer does not build and Spy does not have cloak when it is not mentioned(always had) I used !report but it never got server change version
  18. pasalpinis

    Selling Don't starve together gift <WANT 3 TF2 KEYS>

    Selling Don't starve together gift <WANT 3 TF2 KEYS>
  19. Nukii

    Want-Steam [H] 100+ ref or 2 keys [W] Trading Cards

    Hello, i Currently have 100+ Refined metal or about 2 Keys and would like to buy Marketable trading cards, I can offer 3 scrap or 0.33 refined or more for each card(Negotiable), Send an offer! Have a nice day And thanks for Your time!
  20. soos

    Approved (New York Freak Fortress 2) Remove Scp-682

    Hi its me, Not Soos some dumb dumb head that play's Freak Fortress 2 and I want to remove a boss Boss: Scp - 682 Creator: LordM What Scp - 682 has going for him. - EXTREME LUNGE (Practically the best Super-jump on the server) - Heal on kill ( its a percent number, maybe around 3% hp every...