R.I.P. Rick May

Discussion in 'General' started by Gamer4605, Apr 14, 2020.

  1. Gamer4605

    Gamer4605 Totally Ordinary Human

    Most of you reading this probably already know this, but the voice actor for the soldier has unfortunately passed away due to COVID-19.

    This is a thread to discuss the soldier and his voice actor now that this news has come out. May we have a full day of rocket jumping and soldier gameplay to remember this man who has brought laughter to many tf2 players through his voice acting.
  2. Gamer4605

    Gamer4605 Totally Ordinary Human

    The guy also apparently voiced peppy hare and andross in star fox 64, this means that the barrel roll meme will probably see a resurgence in the following days, also expect a lot of bucket memes for the soldier. This will be out of pure respect. Post as many memes as you want to remember the voice actor.
  3. MatSki

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  4. Stove™

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    "You were good, son, real good. Maybe even the best."
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  6. John Wayne was a Nazi

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