• If you are not the person that was banned/muted, you are only allowed to post evidence. Trash talk is unnecessary.


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Link to your ban from here https://www.skial.com/sourcebans/
Please click on Ban List or Comm List and click advanced search.


Why should you be unbanned?

I have a confession.

Roughly in 2019 I ran LMAOBox scripts. I had no care for Team Fortress 2. My friend gave me his scripts account to check out and I played around with it for a little bit.
Now I don't run any scripts because I got taught a lesson when I was banned from most community servers and now I cannot even play casual because of all the hackers.
It's a hassle now to get into any community server because I never know if I'm banned or not.
I have the scripts deleted for a while now. I'm just wondering if I'm able to get my banned revoked. I am an ex cheater and I understand the rules and conditions of joining these community servers.
I have
786.3 hours in TF2 at the time of this message ; also a considerably large inventory full of cosmetics and items.


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Side note: I understand that it is a privilege to join community servers and that who ever is reading this knows that they have no reason to unban me.
All I can say is that; I just want to play TF2 like how it was. Plain Team Fortress 2, without any cheating.


TF2 Admin
It’s already marked as invalid as you aren’t going to be unbanned for cheating.

Unfortunately Skial has a zero tolerance policy about cheating. You will have to play other servers from now on.