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Killbox and 2Tower are 2 really bad maps on the FF2/VSH map rotation.

  • For Starters the map is really big. There are 3 portals near each spawn which take them to 3 completely different rooms.
  • There is a really exploitable spot on the map, regarding the elevators near each spawn. Engineers can build their buildings mid air and they can also block the elevator from moving.
    Here's some proof for that -
  • Third thing is that there's 2 pits on the map one on red and one on blu's side. Although reds instantly die upon falling into the pits, the boss doesn't deal damage on falling into the pit. This makes a boss like Pootis Bird basically useless if he doesn't have rage since he doesn't have superjump.
  • The map is really small. Bosses spawn right on top of red's main spawn point. Bosses with instant weighdown can easily kill about 3-4 people because of this.
    Screenshots -
  • Even if you're lucky enough to make it out of spawn properly. There's only 2 small health packs and 3 small ammo packs on the map. This basically causes an engineer to be mandatory on the team due to the lack of supplies.

Also I thought I'd suggest some other maps in place of this:

Many of the older players on FF2 want maps like Turret Testing, Mountain Bash and Tower of Peril back.
Don't know what the VSH players think about it though.
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Perhaps we should add mountain bash and turret testing back but only for FF2 and not VSH. I used to find some maps work better with ff2 than vsh or visa versa.

EDIT: I was also considering making a different edit of Urban Works for ff2 because the mechanics are slightly different but I am not sure if it's a good idea or not.


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+1 the newer maps that have been added are not fun to play, and I do like the idea of bringing mountainbash and turret testing back in. Those other new maps could be fun as well
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We always immediately rtv in Killbox and 2Tower when they somehow get voted.

For the suggested returning maps, In my personal opinion, I only liked Mountain Bash, but I know it was a difficult map for the hale.

For the new maps, I really like the look of vsh_gyros, it looks like something I would play on.
vsh_jealo looks confusingly big and reminds me of Hakurei Shrine, which that map I personally dislike, but it's not in my most hated map list.



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+1 Some of the old maps will be missed (Yammoe, Turret Testing, Mountain bash, etc...) But these new ones are absolute garbage, people only vote for these because of the "BiG mEmEs" that come with the maps


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+1 new maps are utter shit. Don’t give a fucking damn if it’s popular in other ff2 or vsh server and if it is, they have a horrible god damn taste for what map they chose.