1. RodGzM

    Declined [VSH/FF] Add vsh_gyros to the map rotation Absolutely stunning map with good balancing and variety.
  2. DanishSoup

    Approved Update to VSH_Cinema_fix_21_1

    New cinema version CHANGES: Ropes redesigned and now their collision is reduced The sand area has been redesigned. Fixed the geometry, easy exit on the water, no glass, taller walls All teleporters have func_nobuild but the tape room will allow you to build only a dispenser on the teleport...
  3. Yalta

    Declined [Surf] add surf_Lullaby_Redone_rc1 pretty please

    Surf Lullaby Redone - I haven't met anyone who dislikes this map. Please add this map, what reason would you have to not add this map. I and everyone else loves this map so please, god please add it. I don't know what mystical forces go into adding a map to the...
  4. DanishSoup

    Approved Update VSH_Cinema to VSH_Cinema_fixed_21

    Hello all, I've been working a version of cinema that removes some of the bias to the map and making it less claustrophobic too. Changes: Removed the buttons. The door is now forever open. The buttons were tedious and boring. Blocking off half the map every time the round ends. Removed the...
  5. D

    Declined Please Add VSH_HoneyhiveGalaxy_a1

    I want to see how it plays Can't post links because new account, it's on gamebanana
  6. Ale218

    Declined dr_simpsons

    An old map which had lots of bugs, now they have all been fixed; in addition, new features have been added as well. It was in the map rotation years ago, so it's very likely that most current players have never tried it.
  7. Ale218

    Declined trade_delirium

    I'll start by saying that I'm not sure if suggestions for new trading maps are allowed, since I have never seen any. Feel free to decline the suggestion if that's the case. In any case, trade_delirium is a really well made and recent trade map made by the same developer of dr_psykopat and...
  8. Ale218

    Declined Add dr_engineers_only
  9. ♥Flandre♥

    Declined [VSH/FF2] Add Map vsh_stream_platform

    this map I remember always played in long time ago and its still fun in Other community when they liked the most map. Also, It's detailed and similar to cp_orange map. The map size is kind of little bit medium.
  10. Ale218

    Approved Add dr_mlg_bearun

    This map is basically a harder version of dr_bearun, which has been in the map rotation for quite a lot of time now. I think having a new, harder version would make the map rotation a bit fresher and it would prove to be a new challenge to those who have already completed the normal version...
  11. SaarDetaTheBaseDweller

    Picture Add Dr_Airbase (dr_airbase_v4a) to the map rotation in DR servers

    Since I do not have 2 posts yet, I cannot post links, please search it up on Game Banana or use and putting in the necessary information to make it a working link. Dr_airbase_v4a is a decently long map with a combination of traps and parkour, parkour especially in the...
  12. T

    Best Vs. SH maps?

    Just curious as to what y'all think are the best Saxton Hale maps and why you like them a lot.
  13. Sir Trooper

    Approved Add Dr_Bootcamp

    I've been working on a bootcamp themed map with a Pink Floyd section at the end for a long time and its finally done. The map has plently of traps and a unique automode with its own traps. I would really love to see my map added to skial as I think many players will enjoy it. Link...
  14. Yalta

    Approved [Surf] surf_flux_arena_b3

    This is a combat surf map with a bonus surf. It has an interesting design and is pretty fun to play on. It has a giant powerup at the end of the bonus to reward players for getting better at surf. Pls Bottiger
  15. Ibo

    Declined [Surf] Add Surf_Overcast

    Overcast Surf Overcast is an old map that I think would have a good place in Skial. Overcast has many secrets that can be accessed through tricks, and it has a jail that can be exited through parkour. Surfs Overcast also has a linear surf and pro surf, which are two different courses which...
  16. Ale218

    Declined Bring back dr_horrors

    The map was removed a lot of time ago, probably because it wasn't very popoular anymore, but since a lot of time has passed, I think lots of players miss it now, and would really enjoy it playing again, as well as new players who have recently started playing on skial deathrun and would like to...
  17. Meebas

    Approved [VSH/FF2] New Map "Turtleshell Pond"

    This is a cartoon-y forest map with high contrast in color and brightness. It features fun easter eggs, custom textures, sounds, and models to emulate a calm, inspiring atmosphere. The capture point works and there are no exploits. Framerate is smooth as butter. There are few (if any) turtle...
  18. hatschler

    Approved Remove surf_mesa_revo_tf2

    The map only has one spawnpoint, so both red and blue players will spawn at the exact same position and - since the server has collisions with the enemy team on - you'll first need to somehow glitch yourself out of the the other players. The surf also is fairly short and theres no jail. Once you...
  19. Stack Man

    Approved [VSH/FF2] vsh_dirtmound

    Game Banana Link Mediafire Download Link A VSH map born to combat two trends I've noticed in many VSH maps: They're ugly and empty boxes. Ammo is not properly distributed around the map. Dirtmound features one large hill with various levels to it and a number of prop jumps that facilitate...
  20. Ale218

    Declined dr_retroland_fix It was in the map rotation a lot of time ago, and I think adding it back would be great since the map itself is really well made and it might become more popoular than how it was once.