Declined [Surf] add surf_Lullaby_Redone_rc1 pretty please

Discussion in 'Suggestions' started by Yalta, Apr 27, 2021.

  1. Yalta

    Yalta Mildly Menacing Medic

    Surf Lullaby Redone -
    I haven't met anyone who dislikes this map. Please add this map, what reason would you have to not add this map. I and everyone else loves this map so please, god please add it. I don't know what mystical forces go into adding a map to the rotation but please add this map.
    Surf Lullaby Redone -
    Please add this map.
    tldr: please add this map dear god please I beg you.
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  2. RCG_she

    RCG_she Scarcely Lethal Noob

    +1 made by same person who made lament which is on the server.
  3. herp 105.4

    herp 105.4 Rage-Inducing Forum Troll FF2 Balancer

    where is this everyone else
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  4. Seminal Inhalation

    Seminal Inhalation Epic Skial Regular Contributor

    My dude, you just come in here randomly and start demanding maps being added because "people want it."

    Okay, so where are all these people? You make it out to seem like so many people want these maps, yet I've seen but 3-4 people including you. Where are all the rest of these people? Surely those 4 can't be it?
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  5. surfing cyanide

    surfing cyanide Somewhat Threatening Sniper

    +1 Map good. Excellent, even. Superb, if you will.

    Counting all the different supporters of this map found throughout the forums, that's actually 10. Make that 11 including me.

    Lord Vader

    Probably playing the server and blissfully unaware of the forums. Maybe even chatting in the surf discord channel.

    Gotta love the vsh/ff2/dr players coming in hot the moment they see a surf suggestion so they can jump on the decline bandwagon for a gamemode they clearly don't give a shit about.

    inb4 gets denied because "popularity".
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  6. herp 105.4

    herp 105.4 Rage-Inducing Forum Troll FF2 Balancer

    i didnt fucking decline, i asked a simple question
    gotta love surf players taking offence over the smallest thing
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  7. Seminal Inhalation

    Seminal Inhalation Epic Skial Regular Contributor

    I can list random names too, but what matters is if they post to support or not and none of these people have posted. You need to tell people to come on here and support your suggestions. Nothing will happen if you all just sit in the dark and pray something gets done./
  8. surfing cyanide

    surfing cyanide Somewhat Threatening Sniper

    Go to the search bar on the forums and type: lullaby

    Click through the results and look at the +1's

    I meant the total supporters of this map found through the forums, not on this post only. Multiple posts about this map have been made in the past, and the supporters included are those who +1'd the suggestion in the replies, not who authored the original post. Sorry for not making that clear enough I guess...
    Exer actually authored a post suggesting lullaby (not replied to one), don't know how that slipped past you.
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  9. Delays

    Delays Gore-Spattered Heavy

  10. Chermoil

    Chermoil Mildly Menacing Medic

    +1, love the zelda references.
  11. Ale218

    Ale218 Spectacularly Lethal Soldier

  12. kingfin

    kingfin Somewhat Threatening Sniper Mapper

  13. exer

    exer Somewhat Threatening Sniper Mapper


    I think it's a mistake to write off a map just because it wasn't the most popular in the past. Even if it proves to still underperform compared to other maps, adding one map (especially one as highly requested as this one has been) won't kill the server. We could have a dynamic rotation that consists of the core most popular maps and new/previously tried maps. Having a small but evolving map pool will alleviate the need to constantly have request threads and could also solve the issue of unpopular maps causing players to leave the server, as the most popular maps will still be there. Could be wrong tho. Just glad surf is still alive and want to see it continue.
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