map suggestion

  1. Zeke Aileron™

    Approved [VSH US/EU] [FF2? maybe] Add vsh_jealo to the map rotation? The Map is really nice and well done, it's supposed to have a similar feeling to Militaryarea/zone, but has more variety in how it looks and how it functions. This could be a map that can see alot of play rate similar to militaryarea, foreststation...
  2. RodGzM

    Declined [VSH/FF2] Add vsh_castle_siege_b11 to the map rotation

    Classic vsh/ff2 map, balanced and all classes have a purpose in it. Download link:
  3. goldencheeze

    Approved [FF2] Bring Back 2fortdesk

    a good map that everyone liked download
  4. Yalta

    Declined [Surf] add surf_minuet_v1p

    It's a Zelda themed map made by Nappa. Challenging surf and interesting jail with a few secrets. (can't post link due to lack of posts)
  5. surfing cyanide

    Approved [Surf] 5 map suggestions (5 Nappa maps)

    surf_lullaby_redone_rc1 - Great zelda themed map with nice jail, fun surf, and some secrets surf_twilight_rc2 - Challenging surf with many secrets and lots to explore surf_lament_n2p - Beautiful jail and challenging surf with some secrets (i think you see a theme developing) surf_prelude_b3p -...
  6. Ibo

    Approved [Combat Surf] add map: surf_horizon_v3

    surf_horizon_v3 is a short linear surf that has major combat attributes relating to the jail (much like utopia). Horizon offers 3 levels to the jail featuring various buttons, but it also has a unique trait to the jail in which it offers powerups to the winning team when a certain amount of...
  7. exer

    Approved New map: surf_halofuse_v1

    I thought the surf server could use some new maps, so I made one. If the map is added, I'd like to continue to update it based on player feedback. Gamebanana:
  8. surfing cyanide

    Approved [Combat Surf] add map: surf_telstar_b4

    Great, large map with many shortcuts, alternate paths, multiple endings, with some secrets sprinkled in. Excellent jail arena which is connected to a hub area in the main surf course. My account is too new to post a link apparently, but its up on gamebanana, I will reply with a link as soon as...
  9. StereoBucket

    Surf map suggestions!

    Hello, So I've been playing on the surf server for a while and it's nice to see it full, but the one slight issue with the server that many have also agreed when we were playing is that there are simply too few maps. Some are good surf maps, others are uninspired arena maps (including the king...
  10. S

    Declined I wish to submit some maps for playtesting

    i would like to be able to test a couple maps of mine
  11. 3 idiots

    New TF2 Randomizer 10X maps suggestions Arena. aot attack on titan mode, which makes defenders small and attackers big!(use command to respawn, because Titans can spawn stuck in textures) "Features: Play as a Titan and fight the humans to capture the next gate. Or play as a human and fend off from the...
  12. 3 idiots

    Declined Team Fortress 2, Valve. Change server with randomizer 10x

    Add there maps, some funny, like aot (attack on titans, which makes some people giants and some small) , cp_towerbridge, pl_awesome, some arenas