Dork Sauls IV: Bloodboner

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I think it's the unfinished building project style of the map Vanguard. I'd love to see a map where the RED team has taken over a BLU building and the tiles are in the process of being changed, and the walls are being repainted, etc. Like, the walls are being replaced with those corrugated tin panels and stuff. I think that would be a good way to give an A/D or KotH map a unique feel, while still making the middle point fairly neutral.

Are there any maps besides vanguard that really use those props, like the incompletely tiled floors, and the walls with the white domino patterning still on them?

Cream Tea

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I love the Apline / Industrial style but not many maps used it, I think cp_gorge was the only one until cp_process was made.


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The whole space style of asteroid was sick, as well as the dusty style of cactus canyon. I wish Valve would finish those maps