1. BlitzTheSquishy

    Skial mod signer hangs / Different issue in replies

    Attempting to get my mods up and signed, but it just hangs indefinitely Other browsers also hang as well steams internal overlay browser jumping to Error -101 and 400, assistance please?
  2. D

    Invalid Requesting Help Being Unbanned!

    I can't remember why I was banned, but I recently got back into the game and not being able to play on the skial servers is such a pain. I cannot for the life of me find my ban or comm log, and I need some help! I never cheated, so my ban was most likely either false or for being "toxic"...
  3. bratyevkorostylyovyh

    on server Team Fortress 2 Randomizer 10X too raw version

    There are bugs unlike other previous versions of Randomizer 10X : Normal does not work, no weapon slot, engineer does not build and Spy does not have cloak when it is not mentioned(always had) I used !report but it never got server change version
  4. Dork Sauls IV: Bloodboner

    What do you think is the most underused map aesthetic?

    I think it's the unfinished building project style of the map Vanguard. I'd love to see a map where the RED team has taken over a BLU building and the tiles are in the process of being changed, and the walls are being repainted, etc. Like, the walls are being replaced with those corrugated tin...