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Discussion in 'Suggestions' started by ish, Jan 15, 2021.

  1. ish

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    This a repost of a suggestion I made a couple of weeks earlier, but I'm rewording this and bumping it to make it better understandable for those who didn't get the idea.

    Allow players to nominate a map that has already been nominated multiple times. This idea is to keep the pool at its max of 5 options, but putting weight on maps that have already been nominated.

    Example: Vsh_apg_reworked gets nominated. Another player types !nominate and nominates the map a second time. This would add two nominations to the map, ranking it higher in the pool than maps that have gotten a single nomination (yes I know I'm using the word "nomination" a lot but bear with me here).

    Essentially, this would allow the player-base a sense of control in the maps they play, rather than allowing RNG to decide what maps are shown in the pool. This would also allow us to weed out maps we do not want to play by nominating other maps multiple times. This would help to decrease the popularity of maps we dislike in order for them to have a chance of being removed in the future due to lack of popularity.
    (*cough cough*, CINEMA)

    In regards to previous statements from Bottiger,

    "The menu can't fit anymore, the buttons don't go beyond F5. And making people vote between >5 different choices is going to result in stalemates every time. Many times the vote fails with 5 choices already.

    Also if you allow the map to be nominated again then you can end up playing the same map over and over again, which I believe many of the people here complained about in another thread."

    In the case of stalemates, which happen frequently, this addition would work perfectly with how the current voting system works. Maps that players actually enjoy would be in that pool, and we'd end up with a map that we actually enjoy regardless if our top pick wasn't chosen.

    Secondly, with map nominations having a cooldown of two maps, this would make it easier for players to control the maps that are played. Despite having another suggestion about increasing the nomination CD, this would work in favor of the goal we are trying to achieve.

    So if you haven't already gotten the gist of the idea...

    Make the nomination system like the electoral college.
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    -1 ff2 doesnt have this problem (or at least when im on) and also
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    How long until we see that gray declined box?
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    At skial%
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    +1, I guess this could be implemented to deathrun as well
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