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TF2 Admin
Servers ZE-US /EU/ and NY sometimes. Sometimes on US VSH

Time Zone GMT-7

Link to your stats page

Playing time on Skial servers. Not TF2 total. 100 hours minimum. In total across all servers? probably over 600 hours by now. But I have spent 75ish% of that time on ZE

Will you get mad if you lose admin? Oh no not at all. Its just a video game in the end.

How do you ban yourself for "obvious aimbot" using your own SteamID?

Please read the guide here
Ban myself? sm_ban "#[U:1:10413100]" 0 "aimbotting"

Anything else you feel like saying
Anyway Hello! I'm Lizzie (Among many other names) And I'm a long time Skial player and donator. Who has spent the vast majority of there time on Skial in the Zombie Escape servers. Though I've been active on VSH before aswell.

Zombie Escape is easily my favourite of the custom gamemodes. And again spent most of my time on Skial playing it since 2019. Its a blast working as team through hard maps. And I've tooken to seriously leading servers through just about any map they want me too its always a great time!

Yes I know I am one of the more "crazy" skial members but I am more than willing to take things seriously and try as hard as I can if people need me too. Also I don't belive I've ever been muted or banned before on Skial (Though please correct me if I'm wrong)

I'd love to become an admin for Skial. For one I love the comunnity as chaotic as it is! and I'd love to contribute more to it than just donating! I would mainly be active on the Zombie Escape servers as an admin. As they don't have very active moderation usually.

And also I just love Team Fortress 2 and I've put over 2000+ hours on the game since I picked it up back in 2012. I wasn't super social back then but now I'm usually talking in VC or just straight up leading the entire server. Also quite active in text chat too lol.

But yea thats pretty much all I have to say. I hope you consider me!
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-1 you are barely active in voice chat and you're always spamming 4 messages in chat like ,,Oh no those zombies were too much for me" and you are not active on reporting people maybe if you will be more active on reporting people and not calling us ,,boys" i might change it to +1
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When I am on, they are also typically on and using voice chat. I'm not quite sure what you define as "barely active". You can be a good leader w/out needing to use voice chat. I know of numerous people who never use voice (or do so on an extremely rare occasion), but are very good w/text and are able to lead the team successfully.

As for "reporting people", by that logic you can just go through text chat and report anyone who breaks the rules, even if you've never been on the server.


I have observed your many phases (best way to put it) on the server AI lizz and various other stuff.

Your last one was as i said AI phase where you made as you put it a Text to speach vocie and some AI probably chatgpt to make up stuff to say over voice but made it high pitched to annoy people.

Have at times used map items to grief players last one i observed you used the earth and got people killed on that ZE desert like map. The admin app kind of reads to me like the one i had bard (googles ai) generate for me while testing it out a little.

Also have said about zmaining and been called a zmainer a lot on the server which is against the rules which will be enforced and admins have to follow the rules also.

Till i see some reports and other normal playing not these odd sessions ill hold off giving this app any support -/+ 0 atm


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I have played with this person for quite a while now—more than a year now—and while I can attest to the idea that they can be amicable and active within the server, I personally believe there is a stark difference from being a pillar in the community to being an administrator.

My main concern would be their maturity. They tend to be very hyperbolic, sporadic, and openly present themselves as certain "characters." As a one-off thing, it's understandable. You know, there are times to have fun and goof around. But, in practically every single instance I've played with this person over the past couple months, it has been this same behavior. I simply would not trust a person for administrative purposes who acts so wildly.

Another point I think people should understand is that there is a difference between the idea of leading (for the purposes of ZE) and the role of server administration. You can be great at helping players acclimate to new things, but maybe not so much at enforcing rules, reprimanding behavior, or presenting yourself properly. Same thing, vice versa. However, I do believe this person's efforts in trying to help the community are, at the very least, something to appreciate and something to consider. Again, the only thing holding them back is their maturity and actual reliability in adhering to their responsibilities.

Ultimately, this is my small take after a couple hours in the game mode. The Zombie Escape servers have been severely lacking in administration, so more help with all the bugs, trolls, and whatnot is appreciated. I'm certain that if they're truly serious about trying to better the community, they will reform their actions over the next few months, get a couple reports in, and interact with other admins. So, while I may not support it right now, there are definitely some worthwhile elements that people can look at to form their own opinion.


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I've played with Lizzie for a bit and although user is friendly and knowledgeable in the maps my only concern is there maturity. If Lizzie were to just use there words differently to sound more mature I'd be giving a +1. However because I do believe if Lizzie were to be a good admin if they were to just sound more adult like they'd have great potential to be a good admin. For those reasons I will remain neutral, after a month or so if they can show more maturity I'd give a +1. But for now my opinion will remain +/-

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Nice and friendly person, can be silly with some other character alter ego shit (I don't understand at all) but overall a good person that would help the ZE skial community and sometimes the VSH skial community.
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