Suggestion For Changes In Freak Fortress 2

Discussion in 'Suggestions' started by The Mr. Devil, Mar 14, 2017.

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    I agree same bosses over and over again ain't a fun thing to do it you have done it a million times
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    We don't have a boss maker like some communities have that churn out a new boss every week. That's just not something we can do or even want to do. And as we can see from the continuing popularity of Saxton Hale, I believe its possible to have a smaller selection of higher quality bosses. Cramming so many bosses onto the server will make download times very long as well. Most of the bosses you've listed are not unique nor do they have unique rages.

    We're open to adding new bosses that you can provide the files for, as long as they are unique.
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  3. The Mr. Devil

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    All the bosses i have mentioned are already existing. All the bosses in VSH are really balanced and the fact that people can't choose their own boss makes each and every round exciting. But in Freak Fortress most of the boss are not fully balanced and some of them are way too OP and thus most people choose Handsome Jack and Hatsune Miku over and over again which really makes the round get boring overtime and thus i thought having more bosses could help out with this matter. I can agree with the fact that ninja spy is similar to Gabe but all of the other bosses that i mentioned have a unique rage. Painis Cupcake and Ass Pancakes have a Similar rage like Vagineer does but since Vagineer is not on the Freak Fortress servers Painis Cupcake could would be unique for the freak fortress servers. Bosses like Rage Sniper, Bonk Boy, Gentle Spy all have unique rages. So I think adding the bosses could help out the server.
    And here is the download link for the bosses i think are unique -
    Link for Rage Sniper -
    Link for Bonk Boy -
    Link for Painis Cupcake -
    Link for Gentle Spy -
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