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I like this idea.
One of the, if not the only, reason Office is played so players can fall into the pit and stall/delay on Hale's side of the map for the entire round and not even play the mini-games. Once had that pit patched out and almost immediately people stopped playing it. It got reverted back for popularity.

+1 bad map
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All we really need for this map is to find a middle ground for the pit trap so people can have their fun without the round being delayed for so long

Pit trap aside I think the map is fine, I know people really dislike these corridor style type of maps but I believe it is a necessary evil since the maps are easier for newbies who want to get into death run without being dead 99% of the time, of course there is a middle ground but I think this map is completely fine for a deathrun map

I would say +1 thats if the pit trap isnt going to be turned into something better that people will like, but if someone can fix it that would be great

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worst map i have ever seen
You haven't seen shit.



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+1, ik maps are chosen based on popularity but just because somethings popular doesnt make it good. Offfice is not good in the slightest. Please remove :)
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