1. Canaadaa

    Declined Add to respawn coin with spinner map deathrun

    can we add respawn coin on spinner map deathrun? let me know thanks
  2. LottaFazion

    Declined Add DR_lasagna to deathrun

    Heyo, name's Lotta. I was thinking you could possibly add my map dr_lasagna. Here's the link over here if you'd to check it. Dr Lasagna is just what you would expect. Since dr_bazinga is super crazy popular, I thought it would be enjoyable for the public to...
  3. A

    Proposal for a few minor Deathrun changes

    Hi! I've been playing Skial Deathrun for few years now, but this is my first time on these forums. I played a ton on the hmx Deathrun server from around 2013-2016, and migrated to Skial after it shut down. There's a couple of details I've always felt like hmx had that Skial should consider...
  4. BadToad

    Declined Add dr_bog to Deathrun BOG's theme is swamp. It haves 19 traps and 4 minigames. Also two minibosses (One is optional) Minigames: Crash spinner is something unique in deathrun segment at all, that's an combination of crash game and spinner, try not to be dead after 5 seconds! Race...
  5. 「Coronarena」

    Approved [DR] Add DR_spinner to DeathRun

    Look I'll be honest, I know it looks like a shitpost low effort map, but this actually had some effort put into it. I've mentioned it countless times in the Skial discord and a fair few people there seemed to want it from what I can see. Most of this map is explained on the GB page, which can...
  6. MakiTheLemur

    Declined add dr_horrors to deathrun

    I saw this map in other server and I very much love how good the map is! I was very shock when I saw the map is not on Skial. I think many player would like this map very much and I think map should be add to all deathrun. What do you think?
  7. mintoyatsu

    Approved [DR] Update dr_fall_guys to v2

    V2 Update New lighting and sounds Auto mode is easier (less sensitive, less detection zones, only available in 50% of rounds) Limited chance doors to 2 (cannot be re-shuffled, tiny players can skip) Fixed flying too far across the map (players skipping the...
  8. Gamer4605

    Need Supporters Add minecraft hotel to Deathrun seems like a pretty good map -2 floors -17 traps -A motivator -4 Ending minigames (including instant win) -1 well hidden music room including about 6 different tracks
  9. Gamer4605

    Deathrun Megathread

    Just realised there isn‘t a megathread for Deathrun, so I thought I’d create one myself. chat about anything deathrun related. have fun!
  10. Gamer4605

    Wintervalley is the worst map in deathrun

    Please explain to me why anyone like this shit map, it’s boring to play, boring to look at and yet people still fucking vote it in and play it for 30 minutes. why.
  11. Gamer4605

    Declined Seasonal Dr/Ze/Vsh maps?

    There are many maps based around a particular holiday, I can see it being a server filler to have maps exclusive to a certain holiday, the example that comes to mind is ze Halloween house which was removed ages ago, making it a seasonal exclusive might make people want to play it more as it...
  12. n3onxlpmitgurken

    Declined Remove DR_Safety_First

    Since about 3 or 4 weeks ago, DR_Safety_First was added to the DR Servers on Skial, I was a bit suprised but it wasnt worth it.... Many Players have still discovered Bugs on the Map which them lets to be Under the ground or doesnt even Teleport to the Minigame. They just Stand there and its...
  13. nutwoomy

    Approved Add DR Lostzones to Skial

    DR Lostzones Dr Lostzones takes place in 11 different dimensions like : a volcano, a subway station and more... Traps This map has a total of 16 manual traps and some auto traps. There are also moving platforms, parkour and more. Secrets There are 4 different secrets. (find them :p)...
  14. Ale218

    Declined dr_simpsons

    An old map which had lots of bugs, now they have all been fixed; in addition, new features have been added as well. It was in the map rotation years ago, so it's very likely that most current players have never tried it.
  15. Zetarite[FR]

    New Old dr maps rotation

    If you noticed, people often ask for old deathrun maps to be re added, and it's always rejected because "the map is unpopular". What I suggest is to simply make a rotation so that, let's say, once every month, 2 old maps get added and the other month they get replaced by 2 old maps, and so on...
  16. Sam the unoofer

    Approved Add dr_neohorrors

    Game Banana Link Steam Link
  17. N

    Question about map removals (DR)

    I understand that the reasoning you give is that the maps are "underplayed or unpopular", but i have come here to ask, what is the cost of having multiple maps for the DR server, why not just keep all the maps instead of removing them one by one?
  18. Ale218

    Declined [DR] Restrictions on killbinding as Saxton Hale

    One of the major problems in deathrun servers is Hales that precociously end a round after they killbind. This behaviour makes deathrun a less enjoyable experience for lots of players, as they often do not get the chance to complete a round, which can eventually lead to them leaving the server...
  19. Wind The Fool

    Resolved BlazerOrca - Exploiting Dodge (dr_bootcamp_2a)

    Summary: Exploiting Dodge (dr_bootcamp_2a) Player Name: BlazerOrca SteamID: [U:1:144491210][U:1:144491210][U:1:144491210]...
  20. Ale218