Admin App: קђคภt๏๓ 5.0

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  1. MonkeySpanker

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    One of the level headed players on 2fort LA. Long time regular player, widely respected. Would make a good admin that we need more of.
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  2. קђคภt๏๓ 5.0

    קђคภt๏๓ 5.0 Notably Dangerous Demo-Knight Contributor


    Point taken! Thanks for the advice, Salty. I’ll be sure to mind my p’s & q’s.
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  3. Skarlet

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    I was playing on the 2fort L.A somebody was asking the people on the server if a swastika was a bannable offense Phantom answered with this :

    2FORT+ | LA 05/03/2018 - 02:14:58 AM קђคภt๏๓ 5.0 yes, it's bannable

    And again I play on 2fort L.A everyday and I know Phantom pretty well and he's never been unfair to anybody and everybody acts silly sometimes and says silly stuff we all do. And when we think there's a hacker Phantoms the first one there to spectate him and try to report him. Well I know Phantoms the first one to know when I think somebody's hacking and I'm not sure of it . I always ask Phantom if he can spectate him and he never hesitates to try to investigate the player.
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  4. night blade

    night blade Mildly Menacing Medic

    +1, always has a level head when dealing with other players and always fun when I do play on LA 2fort.
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