versus saxton hale

  1. annaberu

    Declined (VSH TF2) Vag and EB Balances

    Recently I've noticed a handful of players complaining about the state of Vagineer and Easter Bunny in general (with me being one of them), due to the fact that both are really broken and all. So, I've proposed some changes that could be considered in order to make both bosses fun to fight...
  2. ThCanadianMoose


    Super Jumps (Saxton Hale, Easter Bunny, Vagineer, and Gentlespy) Super jumps are just sucking the life out of VSH. It’s nearly getting impossible to even win matches as hale and it’s becoming more Red Sided than the Hale’s sides. Imo, the changes isn’t balanced at all. It was more better when...
  3. Fabi

    Contract sound

    Please remove the contract sound its too loud. :ragesad:
  4. Fellhammer Slayer

    Declined allow different maps in the FF2 map rotation

    although FF2 is practically the same as VSH there are many key differences in it's gameplay. i'm not saying the whole rotation needs to be different but there are some maps which just don't belong on the FF2 server. there are also some maps which DO belong the FF2 server which wouldn't or...
  5. Stack Man

    Need Help [VSH] Don't allow the throwing kunai to be thrown with alt fire

    Spy's throwing kunai can be thrown with primary fire. Why can it be thrown with alt fire? All this functionality does is mess up a spy trying to cloak. It may be trivial to switch away before cloaking, but in the heat of battle, with Hale fast approaching, it's easy to make the mistake and get...
  6. Stack Man

    Approved Update Military Area to Military Zone v4 Military Zone was a reworked version of military area that went unused due to unfavorable changes to the map. I have created a version of the map that is far more faithful to the current version on the server. Changes...
  7. Stack Man

    Approved [VSH] Add vsh_Foreststation Forest Station is my attempt to create a vsh in which every area is at least somewhat useful, rather than those large, sprawling maps in which half goes completely untouched for most of the rounds. To facilitate this, I've added varying amounts of high ground...
  8. Stack Man

    Approved [VSH] Update dirtmound to rc4 This version fixes an unavoidable telefrag spot by allowing Hale to jump into secret from the side
  9. Stack Man

    Approved Update Dirtmound and Toys_Multi

    Newest version of dirtmound: Missed being added by an hour or so :v Toys_Multi with fixed cubemaps: The original had no cubemaps, so building them was a mistake. Also: The original...
  10. Stack Man

    Approved [VSH] Update vsh_toys to vsh_toys_multi

    This thread: which requested that vsh_toys bonus maps appear more frequently was flaired as "need help". The above version allows hale...
  11. Stack Man

    Approved [VSH] Update Minegay to fixc and Hakurei Shrine to v5

    vsh_minegay_b3_fixc: This version fixes an error that caused a ramp to be just slightly too steep to walk up. It also fixes the spinning animation of the haste power up. vsh_hakurei_shrine_v5...
  12. Stack Man

    Approved [VSH] Update vsh_abandoned_warehouse to final_v3 Current server version of vsh_abandoned_warehouse is a3. An optimized and repainted version was created, but removed from the server due to hdr lighting problems. The linked version includes the map with fixed hdr, as well as other small fixes and visual...
  13. Stack Man

    Approved [VSH/FF2] vsh_dirtmound

    Game Banana Link Mediafire Download Link A VSH map born to combat two trends I've noticed in many VSH maps: They're ugly and empty boxes. Ammo is not properly distributed around the map. Dirtmound features one large hill with various levels to it and a number of prop jumps that facilitate...
  14. Cream Tea

    New [VSH] Re-add vsh_kakariko

    I liked this map this is a screenshot from the control points version but there used to be a vsh version but I could always convert it again if nobody has the old version
  15. Cream Tea

    New Add a !nextmap command to Deathrun/VSH

    It would be very, very, very, nice to have a command that allows users to see what the next map is especially on deathrun where users are often afk and come back but missed the results of the map vote.
  16. nickybakes

    Approved Map Suggestion: VSH Falling Water

    Hi, a couple months ago I made a Versus Saxton Hale map based on the real world building "Falling Water" by Frank Lloyd Wright. I'm hoping it can be added to the server, or I can get feedback on ways to improve it and make it more ready to be played on the server. More info, including...
  17. Cream Tea

    Approved [Fix] vsh_jurassic_v2

    No more invisible spawn door. Full health kit in the center of the map, the closest health kit was across the bridge and was only a small one. Changed the small health kit on the pier to a medium, also added an extra small ammo kit on the left. Could help engineers, and help market...
  18. Cream Tea

    Approved [VSH] Remove vsh_livingroom_v2 from the rotation.

    Inside. Outside. The layout is garbage. It's also got buggy "elevators" dotted around the map. Which lead to silly hiding places like these, which just encourages camping.
  19. Jojoban

    Is it good to use Mantreads in CASH?

    I usually use the conch and escape plan combo but does Mantreads do a better job in terms of escaping with less damage?
  20. Brains. They're delicious

    (Request) Ghost plugin for hale/ff2

    Can an admin add the Tf2 ghost mode plugin to hale/ff2, it is initially for arena but it works for those gamemodes aswell. While I do not have permission to post a link since this is a new account it should be easy to find. It is called [TF2] Ghost Mode version 1.5. This will allow us...