1. silvertheidiot

    Picture Can't seem to get this female pyro mod to work on skial.

    I'm trying to use this female pyro mod on the skial servers but every time i just get errors. Anyone could help?
  2. ssaucee

    How do I become a "paid" user?

    I wanted to put on some unusual on my weps and hat, but it said that free users can't do it, how do I become a paid user?
  3. Agergo100

    No queue point

    Help I can't gain any queue points and I don't know why.
  4. F

    how do i play on skial with mods?

    i have a pretty big custom folder and i wanted to know how i can play with my preferred mods
  5. BlitzTheSquishy

    Skial mod signer hangs / Different issue in replies

    Attempting to get my mods up and signed, but it just hangs indefinitely Other browsers also hang as well steams internal overlay browser jumping to Error -101 and 400, assistance please?
  6. tableboi84

    When I tried to join a skial trade server. It disconnected me and said Proxy IP

    I played on skial like a year ago, it never showed up till now. I am using Ge Force Now to play Tf2 if that matters. I just want to know what to do! If someone could help that would be very appreciated! :D
  7. Eggs

    Resolved ZE_SAM is broken plz halp

    ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ I recorded it and added it to my YouTube acc. ^^
  8. D

    Apparently I made an account here in the ancient past and forgot about it?

    Not sure whether this is the right subforum or how to proceed. I'm trying to associate my steam account and it says it's already associated with another account here. If I made some other account before this one, I have no memory of it. I made this account to appeal a ban a while back and don't...
  9. Grass

    Skin mods don't work, even with the site?

    I put them as the zip and signed them, but to no avail. I put them right at the base of custom, tell me what I'm doing wrong plz
  10. A

    My Soldier loud-out has been permanently changed to the Direct Hit.

    Last night when getting on I was notified with this message and my rocket launcher has been permanently switched. Please fix this.
  11. Madam Butterbean

    Titles gone?

    So I come back to skial after being inactive for a decent bit of time and all of my titles (Skial, Queen, etc.) are all gone? Any way I can get those back???
  12. S

    Im banned on an old account and now my ip wont let me play years

    im banned on some old account bc years later when i try to play on a new account it says proxy ban, please help. was an old lmaobox game from when i was like probably 12-13. i dont know account name.or anything so i cant appeal
  13. n3onxlpmitgurken

    Is there are way to fix Lag Spikes

    so i have lag spikes and have one question: Can you Fix it? i tried to fix that for a while ago and still have lag spikes can some1 tell me how to fix that or is there even a way to fix that?:confused:
  14. GrateNate

    Want-TF2 I want to know how to get refined

    Is there a bot i can trade ref with or something
  15. Slendr_Playr918

    Skial 2Fort server crashes game

    Everytime I join a Skial 2Fort server, the second that It loads up all the way, the entire game just closes itself completely, sending me back to desktop. Anyone got any suggestions as to what to do to fix this issue I'm having?
  16. -Johnny-

    Want-TF2 Help me i cant use key market

    So i basically looked at how much 3 keys is on key market, divided it by 3 and input 3 keys, number of credits and pressed buy. My buy offer is here but it is still here after few hours even there is a offer matching my credits and amount of keys i wanna buy. Help
  17. Joshua Grimes

    Help needed

    Okay, let me start by saying I am new to Skial in general. I don't know when or why or even how i was banned, but when I attempt to join a TF2 Skial server, it tells me i was banned and to check for it on But I have been unable to find my ban. I believe it happened a long...
  18. Mr. Skullium

    FF2 Boss making and testing them on private server.

    I understand most of the steps shown in this video But can someone help me on how to have custom models for the bosses (example: shrek or vader) and weapons (like ass pancake's hammer). Also, can anyone help me on how to set up a private server for myself to test...
  19. SponsoredbyE

    Help can't join

    I can't join the server because of "proxy IP" I don't have a VPN but I use Geforce Now to play tf2.
  20. -Johnny-

    Help me i cant use key market

    Hello guys! From last few, (about 3) days i cant use key market. I copy my number of credits, paste it to credit place, select buy 2 keys and it says error not enough credits. Help