1. S

    Im banned on an old account and now my ip wont let me play years

    im banned on some old account bc years later when i try to play on a new account it says proxy ban, please help. was an old lmaobox game from when i was like probably 12-13. i dont know account name.or anything so i cant appeal
  2. Leem

    ban appeal

    i got banned in 2016 for bind spamming "get good get lmao box" when i wasn't even cheating. That was 5 years ago. i'll never do it again, i just wanna play without the bots man i'm sorry. please unban me. i feel like it's unfair to get a lifetime ban for spamming a joke bind.
  3. •؟N3onxмιтgυякєи

    Is there are way to fix Lag Spikes

    so i have lag spikes and have one question: Can you Fix it? i tried to fix that for a while ago and still have lag spikes can some1 tell me how to fix that or is there even a way to fix that?:confused:
  4. GrateNate

    Want-TF2 I want to know how to get refined

    Is there a bot i can trade ref with or something
  5. S

    Skial 2Fort server crashes game

    Everytime I join a Skial 2Fort server, the second that It loads up all the way, the entire game just closes itself completely, sending me back to desktop. Anyone got any suggestions as to what to do to fix this issue I'm having?
  6. -Johnny-

    Want-TF2 Help me i cant use key market

    So i basically looked at how much 3 keys is on key market, divided it by 3 and input 3 keys, number of credits and pressed buy. My buy offer is here but it is still here after few hours even there is a offer matching my credits and amount of keys i wanna buy. Help
  7. Joshua Grimes

    Help needed

    Okay, let me start by saying I am new to Skial in general. I don't know when or why or even how i was banned, but when I attempt to join a TF2 Skial server, it tells me i was banned and to check for it on But I have been unable to find my ban. I believe it happened a long...
  8. Mr. Skullium

    FF2 Boss making and testing them on private server.

    I understand most of the steps shown in this video But can someone help me on how to have custom models for the bosses (example: shrek or vader) and weapons (like ass pancake's hammer). Also, can anyone help me on how to set up a private server for myself to test...
  9. SponsoredbyE

    Help can't join

    I can't join the server because of "proxy IP" I don't have a VPN but I use Geforce Now to play tf2.
  10. -Johnny-

    Help me i cant use key market

    Hello guys! From last few, (about 3) days i cant use key market. I copy my number of credits, paste it to credit place, select buy 2 keys and it says error not enough credits. Help
  11. kraboo

    Pardoned Appeal: kraboo

    Link to your ban or your com block:[U:1:398180586]&Submit Why should you be unbanned or unblocked?: the reason was being friendly which until now I didn't know was not allowed on servers and if I had I wouldn't have been doing it...
  12. Scoopp

    Can't find my ban?

    I went on sourcebans and tried to find my ban to appeal (because I want to play on the servers) I deleted my custom URL, and now I just have my regular ID. I tried searching by ID, nothing. I tried searching by username, nothing. But... I'm still banned. How can I find my ban? P.S...
  13. P

    How can i find an old ban on another account?

    Like the title says i was ip banned a while ago, maybe 2 years and im trying to find it on sourcebans to try to appeal it. How can i find it if i forgot nearly everything about the account and am on another?
  14. Ibo

    New to advanced mapping in general, need advice

    Does anyone have any tips on how to make good gameplay and architecture in maps? I am using the version of hammer found in the bin folder. I know how to make anything basic, including the bare minimum of a map.
  15. b u z z b o y 5 0 2

    how do i use jetpack

    whats the console command for jetpack
  16. Eggs

    Eggs Needs Halp

    I donated about 10+ days ago. I sent $10 and I only get the ability to join in the last 2 dono spots. ??? Halp wut about unusuals and other cool shtuff. Thanks Eggs
  17. P

    we gotta fix the vote menu

    Can you make it so that when sombody who get muted and gagged for no reason at all other that bullcrap people doing their bullcrfap things, make it so that you can report
  18. rock lobster

    Rank on Surf US went down significantly. What happened?

    Henlo. Rock Lobster here. I spend a lot of time on the surf server. I used to be ranked at #30, but today I logged on to find I'm... rank #769...? Did something change? Was there a rank overhaul? Did all the ranks merge to be skial-wide?
  19. CaptainKritz

    I'm banned but I never joined Skial servers...

    I tried to join a skial server and I got a message saying that I was banned. But this was my first time joining a skial server, how can I be banned?
  20. b u z z b o y 5 0 2

    how do i float

    so im on the trade servers and i see people floating but i dont know how. they say they like bind it to something tho, so whats the bind?