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    Pardoned TF2 Appeal: Rabbit God

    I lowered your ban to a month, however next time it will stay permanent without a chance to appeal.
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    Invalid TF2 Appeal: Scorpio man

    You were reported for being in a glitch spot only spies could get to using the invis watch damage resistance. Which counts as an exploit in my books. End of. The ban will last for 24 for hours, you'll just have to wait it out.
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    Need Evidence alien creeping from the nebula -

    Screenshots aren't enough to decide whether or not someone is cheating and we can't do anything without proper evidence.
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    Invalid TF2 Appeal: Dreaded

    You were exploiting the map to kill the hale which is why you were banned for 1 day. You can check the report mentioned above for more information.
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    Invalid TF2 Appeal: Tetiel

    You were punished for exploiting the map and killing the hale. As mentioned above you can be reported and punished at a later date than the time of your offense. Your ban will expire later today.
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    Pardoned TF2 Appeal: peripear

    I reduced your mute to a month, break any rule again and you wont have the chance to appeal again.
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    Invalid TF2 Appeal: dominick

    Considering the amount of server mutes you've managed to accumulate within a month I'm going to let you sit these 3 weeks out. Clearly being muted for a short amount of time doesn't make you stop.
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    Pardoned TF2 Appeal: Λήθη

    This will be your last chance, step out of line once more and you're not coming back. I'm going to reduce your ban to a month, in the meantime I urge you to read the rules to avoid getting yourself in further trouble.
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    Pardoned TF2 Appeal: Nopelil

    I'll reduce your mute to a month. Break the rules again and you'll stay permanently muted.
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    Need Evidence Sergeant Panda - Griefing

    It's best to collect some evidence when someone is trying to grief. We can't just take your word for it.
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    Need Evidence Mitt - I was playing chadigger hale on FF2 and it was one enemy left and I was about half hp. Then they called a vote to kill me because they said I w

    Unfortunately looking at chatlogs there isn't enough indication of vote abuse. It seems like the round was being delayed enough which resulted in a vote slay.
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    Resolved Harbinger - Micspam

    This was the correct account: '][U:1:161168964]
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    Improve Rust Admin App: SCOOBERT DOOBERT

    Low effort considering you just copy pasted this app and left some parts out.
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    Need Evidence inc םיציוודנס רכומ - vote abuse

    Looking at the chatlogs there is not enough indication of vote abuse, instead there are logs suggesting that the person getting votebanned could've been griefing.
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    Invalid TF2 Appeal: Niiko487

    You were banned for going into the hale area and using traps on dr office.