TF2 Casual Community is ruining the game.

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    TF2 Casual Community is ruining the game.
    Nuked : Why are you vote kicking me?
    Riceman : because your shit?
    Nuked : who cares if i'm bad or not, i'm having fun. Why do you have to kick me?
    Riceman : sorry u need more then 13 points to have an opinion

    And then I got kicked.
    I'm really hoping they add a quickplay option in the future. They can keep the casual for tryhard pub stompers but me being kicked because I'm not tryharding or the best player in the server? This is destroying the community. What happened to the old pootis heavies or friendly engineers rancho relaxoing? I never see any of this anymore and it's making me sad.

    inb4 go to skial

    Author: vurrio