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  • I could get you banned just by writing skial and then the N word a hundred times on my reddit profile
    hi my ip was ban 2 year ago for being afk and i got Permanent baned on your server under the name Undertale Sans . By your CONSOLE at 11-26-16 17:57.
    if you can tell me who was i was permanent ban I would be thankful.

    thank you and have a good day
    This player name Janteri and another person consistantly claims I am cheating and is constantly vote banning me. I can promise you I am not modding or aimbotting or anything of that nature. If I could please talk about this with you at some point please. I feel I am being harrassed and wrongly accused. Thanks in advance.
    I keep hearing Super Racist conversation in some of the TF2 maps... today there were ppl talking about exterminating black people.... I wonder where Skial draws the like on free speech....
    I'm Gibus Ghostly with Skial CNN and we're doing a story on the Reporter Who was last seen: Mar 13 2012

    Why don't you have a seat over there Salty Mcpepperson
    ı am not playing since two years team fortress 2. ı am back now. ı have gag in skial servers. ı cant writing or talking. ı miss to play with my friends. ı promise ı will talk clean everytime. can you change my gag. my english very bad ım sorry. ı love skial family thanks
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