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Discussion in 'Technology' started by sov, Aug 5, 2013.

  1. sov

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    That is basically what it is^^^^

    A few days ago I saw a Star_ Video and he explained that he typed mat_phong 0 in the developer console and it in my opinion, it looks like the characters look a little bit like they do in beta or when it was originalOut. kind of like this. [​IMG]


    The color when Mat_phong 0 is activated makes the characters have darker colors and it reminds me of those screenshots posted above.

    It is supposed to give you an FPS boost..

    There is mat_phong 1, not really sure what it does, but it makes the characters have more 'shine'

    Now let me get on topic. If I enable Mat_Phong 0, is there anyway to disable it in case I get tired of it?
  2. KillerZebra

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    mat_phong 1
  3. Ceeddd

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    Console>Mat_Phong 1

    Edit: After you closed the game it resets to Mat_Phong 1.
  4. sov

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    I thought I read somewhere that it does something different. Anyways I am testing this out seeing how this works. Thanks for the quick responses.

    EDIT: It does change it back.
  5. sov

    sov Australian Skial God


    I read, and tested, that Mat_Phong 0 will not save next time you go on, so you have to type it in everytime you go on. But there is a way so that you don't The guides on the internet aren't very descriptive.
  6. SPYderman

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    just put mat_phong 0 in your autoexec

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