Standalone DayZ now on Steam as an Early Access Game

Discussion in 'DayZ' started by sov, Dec 16, 2013.


Would you buy DayZ standalone?

  1. yes

  2. no

  3. Killing Floor Master Race

  4. RUST Master Race

  5. TF2 Master Race

  1. Mocha: Raffling Merchant

    Mocha: Raffling Merchant Australian Skial God Contributor

    The best option is to wait for more content that feels like it's worth the price.
  2. Pinker-tan

    Pinker-tan Gaben's Own Aimbot Contributor

    At least you are aware you're necrobumping, which is something not very common here
  3. Toxik

    Toxik Moderator Contributor

    Drop the price 50% then I'll buy.
    Not going to pay $25 to get raped by experienced people with machetes and automatic rifles.
    Rust was not a wise alternative, either.
  4. SarcasticWisdom

    SarcasticWisdom Gaben's Own Aimbot Contributor

    Same for me, I was going to try it on steam family sharing because I didn't want to drop $30 on a game if it was just going to be what you said, and I can't try it because it isn't enabled on family sharing
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