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Hello skial, sorry this has taken so long. I noticed people stopped playing on this, so i kind of gave up on it.

However i changed my mind. I have made the Skial L4D2 more user friendly.You are now able to make lobbies and connect to the server. Making it to where you can pick your teams, what game mode you want to play, and so on.

1. Make a Versus or Campaign Lobby
2. Click on Play with friends
3. Make own lobby
4. Choose any map you want to play on
5. Click on "Best Available Dedicated"
6. Click okay
7. Open up console and type mm_dedicated_force_servers
----This forces the dedicated server to connect to the skial server.
8. Invite your friends, and play!

I have tested this out only with Campaign and Versus. So far, everything works out perfectly. If you do start playing, please let me know of any bugs or problems.