Somewhat Threatening Sniper
i dont get why a bad map is in skial, the memes are stale and 2020ish, no one will relate to it
the design is boring and minigames bore people off, it can contribute to losing people on the server, it can also set a bad example within deathrun as a whole, ruining it forever if a massive youtuber covers this map and its fanbase would think that "wow this map is deathrun? shit" ruining it forever


Uncharitable Spy
I feel like this map is only really ever nominated by trolls who only nominate this map to piss others off, of course I could be wrong but I dont see any other way this map is played so much for it to still be on Skial.

This map has nothing that it brings to the table, its extremely low quality, its very clearly a meme map that was made as a joke (I hope it is anyway) just look at the name of the map "gayrun".

I feel with atleast other maps that the community seems to dislike such as ancient memes and office I feel like atleast they have some charm to them,
Ancient Memes is literally just a meme map but it has some control quality unlike gayrun. Bazinga is the only map that I would call comparable to Gayrun but thats a topic for a different day.

Anyways +1
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